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Jan 2k20: From Akka Persistence to Factory Automation (Roland Kuhn)

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18:00 doors open
18:25 Talk "From Akka Persistence to Factory Automation" Part 1
19:30 Break / Networking
19:55 Raffle
20:00 Talk "From Akka Persistence to Factory Automation" Part 2
21:00 Networking

From Akka Persistence to Factory Automation

This presentation starts with an introduction to the shiny new typed Akka APIs, zooming in on persistent actors. After discussing the way type-safe applications are constructed from this building block, we switch gears and look under the covers: what are the infrastructure assumptions made by this framework? How does it fare in terms of consistency and availability? In the second part of the presentation we take a look at the software needs of modern real-world factories: this core piece of our societies’ wealth creation has not yet benefited from the productivity gains offered by cloud-based software. We will see why that is the case and how it will shape the programming model of future software — and how surprisingly small the difference in API is to Akka Persistence.

Dr. Roland Kuhn is CTO and co-founder of Actyx, author of Reactive Design Patterns, a co-author of the Reactive Manifesto, co-teacher of the Coursera course “Principles of Reactive Programming”, and a passionate open-source hakker. Previously, he led the Akka project at Lightbend. He also hold a Dr. rer. nat. in particle physics from TU München and has worked in the space industry for several years.

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10 · Vienna