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Scala from the Trenches / Ramping up clean code

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Techniques for boosting your productivity as a developer is something we constantly seek (ditching the all long nights). Kfir and Ittai from Wix will show us some production use cases for using Clean Code, TDD and Scala and means to do just that. We expect the open discussion afterwards to be a heated and fruitful one so this don't miss out on this one!


18:00 - 18:30 Rally-up

18:35 - 19:35 "Scala from the Trenches" - Kfir Bloch / Wix

19:35 - 19:45 A short break

19:45 - 20:30 "Finding your organization’s code deodorant" - Ittai Zeidman / Wix

20:30 - 20:35 A short break

20:35 - 21:00 An open Discussion

21:00 - ... Wrap up and drinks at the nearest bar

Scala from the Trenches - Kfir Bloch / Wix

In this live coding session in Scala, Kfir Bloch (head of back-end engineering at Wix) will showcase how to build a full-blown feature in Scala, while maintaining the principles of TDD and Clean Code. We'll start with some simple scaffolding and build the feature in its entirety: defining the user-facing API, writing tests outside-in with all of the requisite building blocks (collaborators and matchers), development-refactoring cycles and ending up with a clean codebase.

Kfir Block / Wix

Currently the Head of Backend Engineering at Wix, Kfir has seen some things during the 17 years in the field. Unfortunately for him, Kfir has not lost his passion for hands on development, even though it usually collides with his day to day job of architecting and managing 70 developers. His past includes working in various networking companies, and it seems that the past continues to haunt him - while he is working today to bring Wix to the NodeJS age, he can't seem to forget that he wrote server-side JavaScript on a Netscape server a long while ago

Finding your organisation’s code deodorant - Ittai Zeidman / Wix

What do you do when you know your codebase is dirty, and it’s your in-house framework?
This happened to us at Wix. As we debated how to tackle our massive technical debt, we were struck by a wonderful realisation: the process of transforming the old framework into something new and shiny is a golden opportunity to improve coding practices throughout the organization.
We steered clear of specs and coding standards in favor of a platform of debating, reviewing and improving code.
In this talk I'll walk you through the process we went through, sharing the story of how we used this ongoing refactoring effort to drive code quality improvements throughout Wix R&D.

Ittai Zeidman / Wix

Ittai is a backend engineering lead at Wix. Previously Ittai headed the server software infrastructure team at Wix, serving dozens of developers with everything they need to build apps for Wix’s highly scalable microservices based architecture. Prior to joining Wix, Ittai led server and infrastructure teams in various Israeli startups in the fields of telecom, medical software and even online fashion. Ittai is a fervent believer in Test-Driven Development, Clean Code and Software Craftsmanship, and practices (and preaches) it daily at Wix. At the end of the day he will relax with his wife and three daughters in the sleepy suburb of Givatayim, Israel.

Open Discussion

We invite you all to take part in this open discussion about Clean Code, TDD and related topics. We'll each share how we do it in our companies and exchange ideas.

Food & Drinks

Pizza, sandwiches and Beer courtesy of our host Wix