• WebRTC for fun and profit

    Bedford Heights

    Summary: As browser support for WebRTC is maturing, we are about to witness a whole new level of rich browser-based applications incorporating video streaming, chatting and P2P communication. We'll look at the state of WebRTC in 2019 and the level of JavaScript support for building such applications. Speaker: Michael Nacos Where: Our two previous talks have been online (using WebRTC, ha). This time we'll attempt our first in-person meet! Please RSVP and comment below if you'll be attending in-person or online. See below for location.

  • Webinar: "What is GraphQL...

    Needs a location

    ... and how its designed to improve your team’s communication." Speaker: Tanmai Gopal Twitter: https://twitter.com/tanmaigo Bio: Tanmai is the co-founder of hasura.io. He is a StackOverflow powered fullstack, polyglot developer whose areas of interest and work span react, GraphQL, nodejs, python, haskell, docker, postgres, kubernetes. He is passionate about making it easy to build things and is the instructor of India's largest MOOC imad.tech with over 250,000 students. Summary: The process of API development and API integration is fraught with inefficiency that GraphQL was designed to streamline from the ground-up. In this unique introduction to GraphQL, we will cover the pros of GraphQL and its trade-offs that is ideal for developers looking for a rapid introduction to the why, what and how of GraphQL. I was a GraphQL skeptic and this talk is inspired by my journey of understanding how GraphQL works, why it is such an important idea and what makes it better than things that came before it. Where: online (on jitsi.org -- RSVP and I'll post the link) -- you don't need to install any software or have an account, just visit the link.

  • Introduction: Replacing jQuery with Vue.js on simple pages

    I have been working with Vue.js for a bit now, introducing it to large codebases and refactoring complex UIs. Would you choose Vue.js instead of jQuery for interactions on a simple page? What a crazy idea! I'll attempt to convince you that it's not crazy and highlight the ability of Vue.js to match any complexity requirements, from tiny to large. Furthermore, this will be the group's first meet, so even if you are not interested in Vue.js you can still show up and say hello. The talk itself will only be about 30'. The format will be a multiuser video conference, please RSVP and I'll send you the Jitsi link. - Michael