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We are very excited to announce that we’ll be running an Official React Day Berlin Pre-Party on December 5th, organized in collaboration with React Day Berlin ( ) & expertlead (

In town before the conference? Excellent! Get a head start by meeting likeminded people to attend the conference together, making contacts with React Day Berlin speakers, and enjoying the first captivating talks by Alex Lobera & Vladimir Novick.

Conference info:

# Event Schedule

18:00 – Doors open: snacks, beer, socialization
19:00 – expertlead introduction
19:15 – 🗣 TALK by Vladimir Novick
19:45 – 🗣 TALK by Alex Lobera
20:15 – 🕸 Networking

# Talks

➡️ TALK 1 «Moving from JavaScript to ReasonML»
By Vladimir Novick ( )

🔹Talk description: Reason lets you write simple, fast, and quality type safe code while leveraging both the JavaScript & OCaml ecosystems. In this talk we understand what benefits ReasonML gives us compared to JavaScript/TypeScript/Flow and how we can start using it.

🔹About Vladimir: he is an independent consultant, Google Developer Expert, worldwide speaker, published author, and OSS contributor.

Vladimir brings years of experience with the JavaScript ecosystem and has been coding through the rise of the web. Currently, Vladimir works with Web, Mobile, VR, AR, and IoT technologies and advocates the use of GraphQL and serverless architectures as well as functional languages such as ReasonML.

➡️ TALK 2 «How to stay Tech Relevant»
By Alex Lobera ( )

🔸Talk description: The web & mobile ecosystem is huge and diverse. New and amazing ideas emerge non stop. When this meetup finishes you will have heard a lot of new exciting ideas, tools, and projects. What are the things that you should start learning now to stay tech relevant tomorrow? One thing is for sure, you can't master them all.

In this talk, Alex will explain the importance of learning principles and not only tools. Principles help developers make better decisions now and in the future. Principles are everywhere and they have longevity. This talk explains some of the most relevant principles for React, such as composition, drawing on real-world examples with server-side rendering and GraphQL.

🔸About Alex: he is a Founder at React GraphQL Academy and LeanJS.

Alex is a Full-stack JavaScript Developer and Head Coach passionate about teaching JavaScript, React, and GraphQL. He has 15 years of experience in the software industry and has organized the JavaScript Berlin Meetup along with other popular meetups in the EU.

# About your host expertlead (

expertlead is a global community of highly qualified tech freelancers. The community decides through coding tests and technical interviews whether potential new members will be accepted into the exclusive network. expertlead supports members of their tech community in all stages of self-employment: from project acquisition, the provision of relevant services, opportunities for further training and peer-to-peer learning, to the assumption of administrative tasks.

# Contact

If you have any questions about the React Day Berlin community (meetups & conferences) - reach them at [masked]
Any questions about PreParty - reach us at [masked].

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