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This time we'll be having the long awaited meetup about Node.js.

Introduction To Node.js - (Ran Mizrahi)

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome V8 javascript runtime engine for building fast and scalable, non-blocking, real-time and network applications. In this session Ran will introduce node.js and how to develop large code bases using it. He'll cover the following aspects:

• What is node.js?

• Apache vs. Nginx performance (One thread per connection vs. event loop) and what it has to do with node.js.

• Why node was written in Javascript?

• Main tools and frameworks (Express,, mongoose etc.)

• TDD/BDD with node.js using mocha and expect.js

Ran Mizrahi, Founder of CoCycles, Passionate entrepreneur and software engineer who loves to continuously innovate and deliver meaningful products while having true fun with the right team.

Production Ready Node.js Server - An Honest Look (Zohar Sacks)

An honest, self experience node tuneups you should consider before pushing to production - what to do, what not to do and what to do later.

Zohar Zacks, Code welder, certified geek, serial entrepreneur

Callback Hell Awaiting ES6 Heaven - Promises! (Gil Tayar)

A Node.js talk about current and future strategies of dealing with async code.
We'll move from the standard callback, to promises, and from there to es6 generators that yield promises and finally to the es7 async/await. The progression will be a buildup, where each step is explained in terms of the previous step.

Gil Tayar, From the olden days of DOS, to the stratospheric architectures of Wix, Gil was, is, and always will be, a software developer.


Big thanks to Wix (, who contributed a video sponsorship we will video record this meetup.
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19:00 - 19:15 - Beers and Yelling at Strangers From The Roof

19:15 - 20:10 - Introduction to Node.js - Ran Mizrahi

20:10 - 20:35 - Production Ready Nodejs Server - An Honest Look - Zohar Sacks

20:35 - 21:20 - Callback Hell Awaiting ES6 Heaven - Promises! - Gil Tayar

21:20 - Raffle of free Webstorm ( Licenses

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