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Angular 2 - Healthier Than Hot Dogs!

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Latest studies show that the use of Angular 2 is in fact healthier than processed meat or Angular 1.

Don’t believe us? then come and hear it from the experts!


Using Breezejs And Angular To Create Large Scale Apps And Projects - (Ran Rosenmann)

In this lecture I will talk about how you can use breezejs with angualr to create large scale project and apps.

The topics are:

• what is breeze?

• is it for me?

• breeze features

• some code examples and good practices

• Q&A

Ran Rosenmann , Currently working at yayasoft ltd. ( Started developing in gwbasic at the age of 12. Skilled .net/c#/javascript/angularjs

Be Ready For Angular 2.0 Today - (Yaniv Efraim)

Angular 2.0 will be much better, and now it is closer than ever! While it is still in alpha version, the technologies are already here, and we know how Angular 2.0 apps will look like. This is the time to start preparing for it!

This talk is about making our current (and new) Angular 1.X apps ready for the migration to Angular 2.0. We will go over the different steps needed to make sure our migration will be as easy as possible.

Yaniv Efraim, Front-End Geek at, a member of the Angular Guild. He is passionate about Javascript and cutting edge technologies, which he has been using as a web app developer for the past 10 years.

When he is not coding he loves running, cycling and traveling.

Angular 2.0 - "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." - (Tom Teman)

A practical guide to building an AngularJS 2.0 application that will show how to tackle the various common tasks one encounters when writing a web app - components, forms, observables, authentication, routing, modular DI and more

Tom Teman , Web Team Lead @ WatchDox by Blackberry. Enjoys tinkering with new technologies and using them to build cool stuff.


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18:00 - 18:30 - Arrive at the campus, take off your coat, shake your umbrella and have a big cup of cocoa. or water.

18:45- 19:15 - Using breezejs and angularjs to create large scale apps and projects- Ran Rosenmann

19:25- 20:15 - Be Ready For Angular 2.0 Today - Yaniv Efraim

20:25- 20:55 - Building an AngularJS 2.0 application from scratch - Tom Teman

21:00 - Raffle of Free Webstorm ( Licenses

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