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Games & 3D In JavaScript

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Shai R. and Alon B.


How can you go wrong with games & 3D? You just can’t.

If you don’t believe me come and see for yourself in our next JavaScript Israel event.

(No need to bring your 3D glasses)


Introduction To THREEJS - (Roi Lipman)

THREEJS, what it takes to get a simple 3D scene up and running: rendering loop, adding simple objects and loaded models, putting in place a really simple psychic ""engine"" to make elements move in a realistic way.

Roi Lipman , Been developing in a variety of environments / technologies for the past 10 years, as of today i'm holding the position of software
developer at Forter, passionate about 3D programming and machine

Going Commando - A Serverless Multi-Player Game - (Opher Vishnia)

Firebase is an amazing service that allows you to create real time data sharing in JS between multiple clients. is a JS library for making games. I’ll be live coding to show you how to use Firebase & to create a multi-player game experience in the browser.

Opher Vishnia, Lead Creative Developer at, 14 years as a front end dev, game developer, graduate of both the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design as well as the Hebrew University school of Computer Science.

Loop Into The Javascript Event Loop - (Yonatan Mevorach)

This short talk will explain how javascript handles being both single-threaded and non-blocking. We'll demystify the "Event Loop" and how concurrency works in javascript. If a coworker ever helped you solve a bug by wrapping a function with a `setTimeout(myFunc, 0)` and you felt cheated, this talk is definitely for you.

Yonatan Mevorach , 7 years of web dev experience. Currently at Sears Israel where I was a Web Developer for 3 years and then became a Performance Engineer.


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18:00 - 18:30 - Mingle with the best and send pictures to the rest. then grab a drink and a chair.

18:30- 19:25- Introduction to THREEJS (Beginners) - Roi Lipman

19:35- 20:30- Going Commando - A serverless multi-player game (Intermediate) - Opher Vishnia

20:40- 20:50- Loop into the Javascript Event Loop (Intermediate) - Yonatan Mevorach

20:50 - Raffle of Free Webstorm ( Licenses

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See ya soon :)

98 Yigal Alon st., Floor 34rd (Electra Tower) · Tel-Aviv
17 spots left