Introduction to AI & Chatbots

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Winter is upon us but it won't stop us!

Shai and Benjamin worked on 2 new and exciting lectures that are waiting for you to hear them. We are sure you don't want to make them sad by not attending...

If it was'nt clear stop what you'r doing at the moment and make sure to RSVP :)


Introduction to AI with JavaScript - (Benjamin Gruenbaum)

In this talk we'll cover the basics of what AI and Machine Learning means. We'll go through real life problems developers face and how we can apply AI to solve them. You need to know JavaScript for this one but no background in AI or ML is required.

Benjamin Gruenbaum, a NodeJS member, open source guy and a spec geek. Builds cool things at TipRanks as head of the R&D team..

Building Chatbots with Node.js - (Shai Alon)

Learn the important concepts and gotchas for building AI chatbots that will help you get the best out of each chat platform and save you a lot of time down the line!
This talk will review the various considerations and approaches to consider when approaching a new bot project - Node.js libraries, platforms (Messenger, Kik, Telegram), security considerations and more.

Examples discussed will be available on GitHub.

Shai Alon,CEO & Co-founder @ Chat Leap.
These days I am working hands-on on building the ( platform from the ground up. In addition to software development I take great interest in marketing - both old school and online marketing (with the science behind it). I actually got into front end development when building affiliate marketing websites and running marketing experiments.

One more thing - I am a great believer of the "Go big or go home!" vision - if you are not doing something big that matters, you may need to look somewhere else.


Big thanks to PowToon ( their help we can record a video of the sessions so you'll have it later on our Youtube Channel (


18:00- 18:30- Grab your umbrella & coat and join us at the 34th floor.

18:30- 19:25- Introduction to AI with JavaScript (Begginers) - Benjamin Gruenbaum

19:35- 20:05- Building Chatbots with Node.js (Intermediate) - Shai Alon

20:10 - Raffle of three Free Webstorm ( Licenses

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