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Join us as we say goodbye to 2016 ten days before it ends with a great event that will help you color your 2017 :)


Following Through with Animation - (Opher Vishnia)

Staggered animation, also known as Follow through or Overlapping motion is one of the 12 principles of classical animation as defined by Disney. It's a way of giving life to an object with some planning and minimal effort. In this lecture I will present several ways of implementing this - with native CSS animations using SASS as well as with JS animation frameworks. .

Opher Vishnia, Lead Creative Developer at, 14 years as a front end dev, game developer, graduate of both the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design as well as the Hebrew University school of Computer Science.

Introduction to WebVR - (Dean Shub)

If you ever tried developing for VR platforms you probably did it in either Unity or Unreal engine.

The web era will not stay behind, it’s new Browser API considered experimental and only works on the latest builds of Firefox and Chromium.

This is a short introduction to WebVR and what you can do with it.

Dean Shub, Sisense lead architect for 2 years, previously at the IEC CTO office,
and a decade of military service in Mamram.
A true tech savvy and entrepreneur at heart.


Big thanks to PowToon ( their help we can record a video of the sessions so you'll have it later on our Youtube Channel (


18:00- 18:30- Mingle, Jingle and make sure the AC is on heat.

18:30- 18:35- Animation without Reconciliation - Alex Jilkin & Dimitry Patt

18:35- 19:35- Following through with Animation (Intermediate) - Opher Vishnia

19:45- 20:15

- Introduction to WebVR (Beginners )

- Dean Shub

20:20 - Raffle of three Free Webstorm ( Licenses

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