Passover is behind us and now that we all remember we are free men and women it is time to free our mind!

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Web Sites Are Basically Video Games Waiting To Happen - (Opher Vishnia)

How can you make your site feel less like a static page and more like a video game?Modern web sites, like video games, offer engaging interactive experiences but also encounter similar difficulties. I will show how to apply video game principles to websites using Javascript/CSS libraries for particles, physics, multiplayer, camera movement and interactive video. Using these your users can stop watching passively and start playing actively!


Opher Vishnia, Lead Creative Developer at, 14 years as a front end dev, game developer, graduate of both the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design as well as the Hebrew University school of Computer Science.

Create Powerful Interactive Style Guides With The Power Of React Storybook - (Vladimir Novick)

Component composition in React is great, but it leads to tons of small components scattered across your codebase. Would it be nice to present all your components in interactive style guide, so next time you need to build a new screen in your app you can just pick and choose your components? With the power of React Storybook you can do that even for your existing project.

Vladimir Novick ,a Software Architect and Senior Consultant at CodeValue. He brings with him years of experience in JavaScript ecosystem. Being ReactJS Israel Co-Organizer, he absolutely loves ReactJS and try to bring it to the masses, while on his daily job writing in React, Redux, Es6/7. Vladimir previously worked in Sports, Gaming & Video industries as Lead Architect & Team Leader.


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This unique event will take place on June 25, 2017 at the Dan Panorama hotel in Tel Aviv.

Learn about the present and future of Angular 2 and its ecosystem, TypeScript, tools and much more.


18:00- 18:30- Walk, talk and find yourself a good place to sit

18:30- 19:30- Web Sites Are Basically Video Games Waiting To Happen (Intermediate) - Opher Vishnia

19:40- 20:10- Create Powerful Interactive Style Guides With The Power Of React Storybook(Beginners) - Vladimir Novick

20:10- Raffle of three Free Webstorm ( Licenses AND a ticket to AngularUP! (

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