• JS MVC Meetup #15


    Hi all, we're back with a new Meetup! This time at the beautiful Lifely office. You're welcome from 18h00, the presentations will start at 19h00. The schedule for the evening is as follows: 1. Meteor & isomorphic JavaScript Peter Peerdeman The Lifely team has a big Meteor application running in production. Peter would love to show you what the advantages and disadvantages were of using this full stack javascript framework and how that “isomorphic” code is shared between front- and backend. 2. RxJS: Streamify all the things! Niels Dequeker Many webapps have to deal with asynchronous and event-based proceedings. A changing URL, resolving promises and user interaction are just a few examples. Niels will present about how you can use RxJS to deal with this in a maintainable way using RxJS. 3. React Native for Web Developers Rob Gietema Web and mobile development have always been separate worlds. Sure there have been tools like PhoneGap but it never matched the performance of native apps. React Native is here to change all that by using React to render native components for both iOS and Android. This talk will give an introduction to React Native through the eyes of a web developer. Lifely will provide some pizza and beers. Looking forward to see you all there!

  • JS MVC Meetup #14

    WTC, Conference Center Amsterdam

    Schedule 18:30 Welcome with pizza & drinks 19:00 Talks begin 21:30 Meetup finished Speakers 1. Using ECMAScript 2015 with Angular 1.x Bob Bijvoet A lot has happened since version 1 of AngularJS has been released. A new javascript version has been standardized, we also have an idea of what version 2 will be like and new module loaders and bundlers have been developed. How can we bring this modern tech and new ideas inside of our angular 1.x applications? Bob Bijvoet will talk about using ES6/2015 in Angular today and explain how to prepare for Angular 2 by starting to think in components. 2. Functional state management, or solving the M in MVC Stefano Masini Since the days when React advertised itself as "the V in MVC", much has happened in Model-land and without explicit guidance from a framework many people experimented with different approaches. Some worked better than others but the feeling was that of pushing a problem further away, without really solving it. After much trial and error a solution seems to be finally appearing on the horizon, pioneered by the functional programming community. Is this the holy grail? There will be a camera to film the Meetup. Thanks to Spilberg for hosting us!

  • JS MVC Meetup #13

    Location visible to members

    Hi everybody, We're having our 13th Meetup on Wednesday 25 March. InSided has graciously offered to host this meetup and you can show up anytime after 18:30h. The first talk will start at 19:00h. 1. Javascript MVC: REST vs Hybrid Luuk van der Velden Approaching web application development from a thick client perspective the server is often left to implement a REST api. However, an alternative is the hybrid form, where the backend MVC (python) generates enriched html that the frontend MVC (angular) can parse and compile into the frontend application. This talk will lean on the classic approach of a REST API and then compare it to possible hybrid variant in order to start a discussion about appropriate use. 2. Modular clients with npm! Yoshua Wuyts In this talk Yoshua will take you on a journey that will make you want to unshackle yourself from frameworks and venture into the wonderful realm of modular client programming.

  • JS MVC Meetup #12


    The meetup starts at 19:00. We will start the talks at 19:15 so that people can have a chance to have dinner before hand. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Thanks to Publitas for hosting us! 1. Bottlenose and Backbone a love story Justin Halsall The presentation by Justin is about how they use Backbone at Bottlenose. He will cover things like hotswap, marionette, plugin architecture & pub-sub. 2. Putting the M back in Angular's MVC Gert Hengeveld Although AngularJS is advertised as an MVC framework, it does not encourage or provide a standardized way to build real model objects. Gert will explain the difference between the Angular $scope object and rich model objects. He'll also demonstrate a way to simplify your controllers and services by extracting logic away to JavaScript classes.

  • JS MVC Meetup #11

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    The meetup will start at 19:00 so that people have a chance to grab dinner beforehand. The talks will begin at 19:15. A big thanks to Q42 for providing the drinks and snacks for the meetup. 1. Is AngularJS a team player? Laurens van den Oever For one of our customers at Q42 we built a single page website and parts of a CMS with AngularJS. The 12 developers in the team were all involved in the client side code at some point. Laurens will talk about how AngularJS supported the team during the development of the application. 2. Ember CLI Bloggr example with Ember Pouch Martin Broerse Exploring Ember CLI from a beginners perspective using Fortune (http://fortunejs.com/) or Ember Pouch (https://github.com/nolanlawson/ember-pouch)/CouchDB (http://couchdb.apache.org/) as a backend. • Ember CLI uses the ES6 Module Transpiler (https://github.com/square/es6-module-transpiler), which turns ES6 module syntax (http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=harmony:modules#quick_examples) into AMD (RequireJS-style) modules. Using the transpiler, you can write code using tomorrow’s syntax, today. • Fortune (http://fortunejs.com/) is a framework for prototyping hypermedia APIs that implement the JSON API (http://jsonapi.org/) specification. • Ember Pouch (https://github.com/nolanlawson/ember-pouch) is a PouchDB (http://pouchdb.com/)/CouchDB (http://couchdb.apache.org/) adapter for Ember Data. Instead of using the standard RESTAdapter or FixtureAdapter, you can sync your Ember model objects to PouchDB, and then on to CouchDB or other CouchDB-compliant servers (Cloudant, Couchbase, IrisCouch, etc.). This adds real-time sync and offline support to your Ember app.

  • JS MVC Meetup #10


    Schedule 18:30 Pizza & drinks 19:00 Talks begin 21:30 Meetup finished Talks 1. From jQuery to a React.js architecture Stefano Masini React.js is a library to implement views in a way that is both architecturally sound and performant. It's like unix tools: do one thing, and do it right. It can be applied both to small parts of an existing webapp, or all around in a fully fledged complex product (think about FB!). In the latter case React can be coupled with existing frameworks, but it really shines with an home-grown Flux architecture – Flux is a set of architectural patterns/best-practices that are being suggested for building complex apps with React. In this talk Stefano will demonstrate this flexibility with a practical example of refactoring an old-style jQuery app into a React + Flux architecture. 2. Post Modern Objects in Javascript Matthijs van Henten Or how to stop using ES3 Objects and start loving ES5. As we developers start building larger applications, the need to organize code, to create concise API's and enforce proper encapsulation becomes stronger. While these frameworks already have put in a lot of tought into providing better encapsulation, Javascript, as a language, also has handed us a number of wonderful tools.

  • JS MVC Meetup #9

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    1. Web Components with React.JS Denis Radin Denis Radin will talk about Web Components (X-Tag, Polymer), React.JS and how they can be mixed in order to be a good V in MVC pattern. The presentation gives insights on ReactiveElements, which is ready to meet upcoming web standards. 2. ConditionerJS Rik Schennink Rik Schennink will talk about his ConditionerJS framework. He’ll discuss the ideas behind it, it’s inner workings, market positioning, and future development plans.

  • JS MVC Meetup #8

    A Lab

    Hi folks, We would like you to join us on Wednesday April 9th for another JS MVC Meetup! The Meetup is being held at A Lab and will start at 18:30h. 1. Hypermedia API's Joost Cassee Joost will give a presentation about Hypermedia APIs with HAL and rich JavaScript clients. Compared to classical REST APIs, Hypermedia designs scale better, are more easily changed and promote decoupling and encapsulation, with all the benefits those things bring. 2. LuvDaSun / angular-hal Elmer Bulthuis Elmer will be putting the presentation of Joost in practice through a simple example angular-app using the LuvDaSun / angular-hal module. We are looking forward to see you all there! Ben and Niels

  • JS MVC Meetup #7

    Rockstart Accelerator

    Hi everyone! Join us on Wednesday March 5th for another JS MVC Meetup! The Meetup is being held at the Rockstart office and will start at 19:00h. Appcelerator will provide drinks and nibbles during the Meetup. 1. The beautiful simplicity of React Stefano Masini Stefano will teach us all about React by coding a real-world example during his presentation. This is a perfect chance to get introduced to React to see what the library can offer you. 2. Building Native Apps with Javascript Wienke Giezeman Appcelerator Titanium might be the most misunderstood JavaScript MVC framework. It uses web technologies but no browser is used ever. Titanium compiles the Javascript to a native app. Wienke from WappZapp will introduce you into the framework and tell you how it benefited his startup. We are looking forward to see you all there! Niels, Ben and Thijs

  • JS MVC Meetup #6

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    Hi everybody, We're having our 6th Meetup on Wednesday 29 January. De Voorhoede has graciously offered to host this meetup and you can show up anytime after 18:30h. The first talk will start at 19:00h. 1. Ember.js Application Architecture Ben Konrath Ben will walk through an overview of designing an Ember.js application. The presentation will focus on providing a conceptual foundation which will allow people to jump start their entry into the world of Ember.js. 2. ng Architecture: Best Practices for Setting up Angular Project Structures Jasper Moelker Jasper will present the in-house Angular project structure that has been developed at De Voorhoede. This presentation will include a discussion on project structure in general which will be relevant to other frameworks in addition to Angular. We're looking forward to seeing everybody again! Ben, Thijs and Niels