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A monthly meetup of JavaScript developer enthusiasts from Zagreb and region.

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JavaScript Zagreb #54

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We are back! Meetup will be held at Reactor Studio (Zadarska Ulica 80) on 6th of July, on Wednesday, at 6PM.

Note: There is a limited number of seats available (30 people), so please click attend only if you are sure you will be able to make it. In order for the meetup to be attended by those who really want to and can attend.

Reactor Studio will help us relax after the meetup with beer and food!

Ante Barić
1,2,3 Machine Learning!

Machine Learning has been taboo subject forever. Is it really that complex? Well not anymore! This talk aims to show practical examples of ML features that you can develop, pitch or sell with your next application or project!
Presentation will contain many demo examples (inside React Native application) of different features that you can integrate through libraries that are ready and available to everyone (like firebase ML kit). Talk is not only developer focused and non-tehnical people are also welcome to get perspective of what can be done in the scope of ML concepts.

Ante Tomić, Senior Software Engineer@Infobip
The lazy developer guide: How to automate code updates?

How to update hundreds of projects all at once? With organizations rapidly growing, demand for the scalability of the teams grows which directly impacts projects structure and ownership. The usual dilemma is mono- vs. multi-repos, but ... What if I tell you that it does not matter much? Both approaches can punch you in the face at some point, so perhaps it is better to think bottom-up.

Today I will walk you through some of the biggest challenges that exist in both approaches and those are managing dependencies across a few hundred projects, global code updates and many other things. I will also show you examples of how we solved this inside Infobip through building our own internal libraries.

See ya at the meetup. 👋

We will make sure that you know how to find our office when you get to the address. 😉


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