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JavaScript Zagreb #46
Join us on the last JavaScript Zagreb Meetup for this year. Ante Gulin gRPC-Web: Typed Frontend Development gRPC is a high performance & multi-platform RPC framework developed by Google. It is typically used as a communication framework for microservices, but In this talk I will show you how you can use gRPC on the frontend to achieve type-safe API's with help of typescript and protocol buffers. Janez Čadež Firebase: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Our team used Firebase extensively for the last year in a production environment and I’ll show you what we learned. We’ll explore some of its best features and also take time to talk about the bad and ugly side of the suite. However, is Firebase really the silver bullet we all thought it was? Is it time to abandon our backend services and just use managed services that are provided? After this talk, you’ll know if Firebase is the right solution for your project. Special thanks to FIVE ( for supporting our community!

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