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Hardware Hacking with Johnny-Five and Node.js

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6:30 Arrive and Networking

6:45 Show and Tell

What have you been working on since the last meetup? Come and share what you've done. No project too small. A blinking LED is awesome!

7:15 Talk - Hardware Hacking with Johnny-Five and Node.js - Lyza Danger Gardner, Co-Founder/CTO Cloud Four

Talk Description: Come see how you can use `Node.js` to control hardware projects. Using the `johnny-five` framework and the ubiquitous Arduino Uno board, we'll get up and running with several quick examples: LEDs, sensors, motors and more.​

Pre-requisites: Auditing the talk has no pre-requisites!​ If you'd like to participate in a more hands-on manner, please make sure to install both `Node.js` and the `johnny-five` `npm` package on your laptop before coming to the event. If you have an Arduino Uno, please bring it! We'll have several on hand, but the more the merrier.

​More info on johnny-five:

Speaker Bio: Lyza Danger Gardner is a developer and human, co-founder and CTO of Cloud Four. A 20-year veteran of the web, she is a generalist with an abiding commitment to making the web work everywhere. Lyza is a seasoned and spirited speaker, and is a writer for A List Apart, O’Reilly Publishing, net Magazine, Smashing Magazine and others.

8:00 Networking

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