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"Hybrid App Development for Pragmatic Perfectionists"

by Brad Marsh

We all want to build mobile apps. You, me, your crazy brother-in-law's second cousin who has an "AWESOME IDEA THAT WILL BE BIGGER THAN FACEBOOK!!!!" (Admit it, you've gotten that email).

Unfortunately, though, building native mobile apps is hard. It requires the ability to work in Eclipse or God forbid XCode. Not to mention knowledge of Java or Objective C. Just thinking about doing either of those for a prolonged period of time might of just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Not that I'm a Javascript snob. I've seen plenty of the so called "hybrid apps". Even contributed a few of my own. Most suffer from the same non-trivial issues:

Poor UX when compared to their native counterparts Memory Issues Inflexibility That's why I've been pleasantly surprised the last few weeks, when with the help of some super talented people I've been able to put together a (nearly) perfect example of what a hybrid app should be. And almost just as important, we've been able to extract out of this project a framework that should allow any javascript developer to do the same.

In this talk I'll walk through this framework, how it solves some of the problems mentioned above and show off a prototype of an app that makes use of it.

"Developer's Guide to JavaScript and Web Cryptography"

by Kevin Hakanson

The increasing capabilities and performance of the web platform allow for more feature-rich user experiences. How can JavaScript based applications utilize information security and cryptography principles? This session will explore the current state of JavaScript and Web Cryptography. We will review some basic concepts and definitions, discuss the role of TLS/SSL, show some working examples that apply cryptography to real-world use cases and take a peek at the upcoming W3C WebCryptoAPI. Code samples will use CryptoJS in the browser and the Node.js Crypto module on the server. An extended example will secure the popular TodoMVC project using PBKDF2 for key generation, HMAC for data integrity and AES for encryption.


It's always a great event, hope to see you there!

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