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Getting Better Stack Traces (May Meetup)

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Ongoing agenda:

6:30 - Food and merriment

7:00 - Lightning Talks

7:30 - Main presentation

Traces of Errors: Getting Better JavaScript Stacktraces with Todd Gardner

JavaScript dies in many ways: maybe a script failed to load, maybe AJAX came back in the wrong order, or maybe the browser is doing something weird. Whatever the reason, too often our only clue is:

"TypeError: e is undefined. scripts.js. line 1"

Let's stop playing that game. Let’s write debuggable code. Hidden in our code is the secret to actually *getting* the Stacktraces from JavaScript errors. Then, let's explore ways to add more context to *get better* stacktraces that convey more meaning about the state of our application when it failed.

Todd H Gardner is an independent software developer and entrepreneur, with over a decade of experience in development, design, and leadership. Todd holds a Masters in Management of Technology from the University of Minnesota.
He is passionate about teams, communication, and quality in software and has led product teams from small businesses and major corporations. Todd is the co-founder of {Track:js}, an innovative JavaScript error logging service. He tweets at @toddhgardner.

8:15/8:30 - Free time to discuss, network, hack, etc.

It's always a great event, hope to see you there!


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