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This Meetup we will be joining forces with Minnesota Web Design Group ( for the topic JavaScript to WebAssembly: Evolution or Revolution? or as I like to call it "Javascript is not dead... again?"

Please note the DATE CHANGE. We are meeting on the 22nd, but still at CoCo in uptown.

What is web WebAssembly? (

WebAssembly is:

• An improvement to JavaScript: Implement your performance critical stuff in wasm and import it like a standard JavaScript module.

• A new language: WebAssembly code defines an AST (so does JavaScript) represented in a binary format. You can author and debug in a text format so it’s readable.

• A browser improvement: Browsers will understand the binary format, which means we’ll be able to compile binary bundles that compress smaller than the text JavaScript we use today. Smaller payloads mean faster delivery. Depending on compile-time optimization opportunities, WebAssembly bundles may run faster than JavaScript, too!A Compile Target:

• A way for other languages to get first-class binary support across the entire web platform stack.

What does this mean for JavaScript? -- come join us and lets find out.

Also check out Minnesota Web Design Group ( for more information on this topic.

Ongoing agenda:

6:00 - Food and merriment

6:30 - Lightning Talks

7:00 - Main presentation

It's always a great event, hope to see you there!

Remember to not park in the CVS Lot! Plenty of parking in the surrounding area.