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October Event: Shalanah Dawson, Ryan Rampersad, Brian Mitchell

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This will be an online event using Zoom on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ongoing agenda:

6:15 - Meeting Opens

6:30 - Announcements/Lightning Talks

7:00 - Shalanah Dawson

Join Shalanah Dawson as she demos Kind Cloud (, a meditation app she’s recently created. Put on some comfy sweats, find your happy place and tune in! And yes, at the end of the presentation, she will go Full Nerd and explain a bit how she built it.

7:30 - Ryan Rampersad & Brian Mitchell

The JAM stack is popular these days. Sometimes you’re building something a little smaller, and you want less churn and maintenance. What’s old is new again with Eleventy (11ty) - a simple static site generator. Join us for our talk about exploring 11ty and redesigning a place near and dear,

8:30 - Disperse!
Online event
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