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What we’re about

It is an initiative aimed at connecting all JavaScripters and helping each other to develop basic and advanced JavaScript knowledge.
We believe that "power comes from sharing knowledge, not hoarding it". The platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge among experts, intermediates, and even beginners.

What is the purpose of the JavaScripters community?
We conduct technical discussion forums, sessions, workshops, training, and knowledge-sharing meetups for all front-end / UI engineers about core & advanced (object-oriented) javascript concepts, along with the latest Javascript frameworks, including AngularJS, NodeJS, emberJS, TypeScript and ReactJS, which are taught by industry experts.
Why is the JavaScripters community needed?
Nowadays, front-end engineering is constantly developing, and new frameworks and technical approaches are being introduced daily.
A good understanding and hands-on experience in front-end technologies is extremely difficult to get.
Many engineers adopt the latest technologies but aren't able to implement them using best coding practices, and a few engineers might be confused about some core concepts & their applications. We aim to provide passionate engineers with a big platform for sharing and gaining knowledge in this field so they can clear their technical concepts and become masters in this area.
Are you interested in joining JavaScripters?
Multiple platforms have been created for JavaScripters to subscribe to our service. We are available on the web and on mobile devices everywhere.
If you want to be a part of our JavaScripters community please visit the below details
Our website @
Our YouTube channel @

Announcement :
The communities merged with the JavaScripters Community are listed below
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