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Webinar Series: Exclusive React Training (Beginners Level)

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Webinar Series: Exclusive React Training (Beginners Level

Maybe you don't have nights after nights, weekends after weekends to become a React developer all by yourself. But if you have time to join two one-hour long webinars and couple hours to build a sample app with our guidance, we will teach you React and help you to build a professional level React App by yourself.

The first webinar is for those who are comfortable with Javascript, HTML, CSS and worked with at least one Javascript framework (could be any framework including jquery).

In this webinar, we will cover everything you need to get started building production-ready applications with React.

This talk will cover

• React Core Concepts


• Props

• States

• Component

• Component Life Cycle

• Virtual DOM

• Routing

• Promise to load data

• Component Oriented Architecture, etc.

End of the first webinar we will give you instructions to build your first React App. You can build the app we asked for or you can build your own. However, you have to build a React app within two weeks to qualify for the Advanced round of this webinar series.

About the speaker:

Jhankar (John-kar) Mahbub aka JS Dude is a curious JavaScript developer, speaker, marathon runner, organizer of Chicago JavaScript meetup and a failed comedian. He publishes his tips and tricks for JavaScript developers at ( and videos on youtube (

He has been giving talks in popular conferences around the world on front end technologies, tools, and frameworks. He published two books on programming. He is married and currently working at Nielsen as Senior Web Developer.

Surprisingly, confirmed that he does have time to shower in between all of these activities!

Watch Live on July 16, 2017, 9:30 PM

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