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Want to learn more about Node.js, a great way of running non-blocking javascript on the server. Join our meetup!

Come to our web site (https://www.jaxnode.com).

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Lets build a Kanban board with Vue.js and Vuetify

Availity (New Building)

We are happy to have Woodie Westbrook back to present on Vue.js. Vue.js has grown in popularity over the past year and is seeing more and more adoption everyday. Let's build an app we have all used, a kanban board in Vue.js and see why more and more people are choosing Vue.js for their SPA and front-end library. We will also use Vuetify, a popular progressive material framework for Vue, Vuex, a state management library for Vue, the Vue router, and the latest version of the Vue CLI. We will discuss app architecture, best practices, and at the end of the meeting hopefully have a working kanban board! About Woodie Westbrook Woodie Westbrook has been writing applications since the late 1980s and has worked across many sectors of government and private industry. He is a US Army veteran, college drop-out, American Mensa member, and brutal pragmatist with a lack of self-preservation instincts and has a propensity for injury. He loves good science fiction, craft beer, and going really fast on anything with two wheels. When not working he enjoys Nerf gun wars with his son, movie night with his wife, long walks with his Doberman, and off-road motorcycle racing.

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NativeScript, Angular, and TypeScript

Availity (New Building)

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