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5555 Gate Pkwy #110 · Jacksonville, fl

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To the back on the right on the first floor.

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Svelte is a JavaScript compiler that generates really fast and really small UI component code in JavaScript that you can use on the client-side (browser) as well as the server-side (NodeJS). The programming model is dead simple because the compiler does the heavy lifting - including keeping track of when state is being modified. You put {stateVariable} expressions in your HTML; state variables are nothing but JavaScript local vars, and you change state by simply assigning a new value. Compiler pays attention and generates code to make it all work.

Sapper is a framework that uses Svelte to build web applications that operate at 3 levels - client side interactive UI (like React), server-side rendering for speed and SEO (like Node+Express), and finally fully static compile time generated sites (like Gatsby/Next/Nuxt). It has a routing system built in that prefetches page data when you hover on a link.The result is a super fast and "svelte" user experience.

Jitesh Doshi is a developer and solution architect with SpinSpire, a company that specializes in Open Source

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