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Tenets: are principles, beliefs and philosophies of a group or organization

1. We embody Raw Vegan living foods as our soul source of nourishment and ask that you bring a creative handmade raw, whole foods, plant-based vegan dish.

2. We embrace a peaceful consciousness that is non-harming to ourselves, the environment and all sentient creatures. We use non-violent, non-judgmental education as the cornerstone of sharing our peaceful message.

3. We accept all members who come with an open mind to share their hearts.

4. We invite you to participate in our table fellowship which goes beyond the exchange of food to include friendship, culture, support, stories, and laughter.

What is Raw foods?

The Raw food diet consists of primarily vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, soaked sprouted grains, soaked sprouted beans and fermented foods. These Raw foods can be gently dehydrated, up to 118 degrees, which keep all the enzymes and phytonutrients in their living/natural state.

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Virtural Holy Basil Pesto Class

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JaxRaw Potluck at Kelly's house

95259 Palmetto Trail

Holiday Manifestations Raw Vegan Poltuck

Christina Swanson's House

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