What we're about

This is a social group for those who love jazz and adventurous rock music.

A group where you can spend time with other people talking about music and use the opportunity to get to know one another. Where you can:

--Discover interesting artists and bands you don't know yet;
--Finally listen to those you've always wanted to explore but haven't gotten around to;
--Introduce others to special artists you've just discovered and how you feel about their work.

Perhaps you'll even make a friend or find someone to see live music with. Or even someone to jam with. And we as a group will certainly listen to some great music together.

Jazz, as a genre, speaks for itself, all its sub-genres and whatever in between.

But what is "adventurous rock?" It's any pop/rock music that is smart, boundary-testing and original. Think experimental and art rock, perhaps alternative or indie, as well as sophisticated or even progressive pop/rock.

This group is for all who are already familiar with (one of) the genres and would like to discover more.

A respectful, friendly environment with curious people who love music. Where everyone is equal no matter how much or little you know.

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Jazz & Adventurous Rock group

OBA library of Amsterdam

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