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This is a group perfect for those who have always wanted to channel their inner force user. We train in ancient arts very akin to what a real life force user would use. (and do use). We customize this to make an ultra-real training simulation.... We base training on. 4 warrior attributes:
Situational Awareness
Physical Fitness
Proper Mindset
Skill Proficiency

This is proudly put on by Talon Analytics & Situational Awareness
We wish to give a special thank you to Ronin, and the first group who beta-tested this concept . Also this is a fan tribute group and legal rights to Star Wars remain with Disney. This is legally a derivative product intended to advance the social good by encouraging situational awareness, physical fitness, and more. According to at least one source The term Jedi is thought to be derived from Japanese lore. Hence we are a derivative of a derivative! LOL (Stack Exchange as credited below) Proceeds from this go to offsetting costs such as rent of the Dojo, and keeping equipment in working order! Thus this should be considered fair use compliant.


" https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/105652/what-is-the-origin-of-the-name-jedi

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Next Training Academy

Virginia Highlands Park

This will be the next session of the Saber Academy focusing on lightsaber training, situational awareness and meditation. Due to experiment of holding it in park this class will be free. (Donations accepted) Lightsabers are on first come basis.. Will count as one of everyone's free classes if applicable

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Next Training Academy

Northern Virginia Ki-Aikido

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