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JOIN usWe focus on "Jeep-education" and Safety first. Scenic trail rides, national parks, Off-road parks. Learning about the great outdoors; 4x4 driving techniques and vehicle recovery lessons.

Our main purpose is to unite friendly, loving, Jeep-people with many overland or land-based adventures; to "Jeep-educate" our members in the proper techniques of off-road driving; to protect, preserve and teach about the natural Florida habitats, its flora and fauna; to help our community in "Search & Rescue" "-"C.E.R.T"and other humanitarian relief missions in times of emergency; to fellowship while operating our vehicles in a safe manner as to prevent harm to people and the environment.

Are you ready to start using your Jeep for what it's built for? -The outdoors & off-roads? -The J.O.C, may as well be called the Jeep OUTDOORS Club!

-So, load up your Jeep with a camping tent, some fishing gear, put a kayak on your roof rack, your mountain bike on the back, or simply take off the soft-top and JOIN us at the beach, the trail-heads or for camping in the back-country! Either way, we never leave a fellow Jeeper behind! -TOGETHER we drive through the roads less traveled.

The J.O.C is the "J.oint O.perations C.enter" for all brand new Jeep-related (ACCESSORIES, as we have partnered up with eBay to help you find whatever you are looking for to rig up your Jeep.) Don't have a Jeep but are (Looking to purchase a Jeep? Check them out here on eBay)

Ready to join us out there? -First sign-up by clicking on "JOIN US", then make the required contribution. Not so sure of what to expect? Then watch our featured videosor see our past event's photos. Then continue to read more about us.

Watch over 50 videos of our Jeeps in off-road action!

See why our members continually give this Jeep Only Club 5 Stars out FIVE and read what our members are saying about our events.. (https://www.meetup.com/JeepsOnlyClub/feedback) Averaging around 4 events per month! -The most outings of any Jeep Club in Florida -Period!

Jeep Only Club (The J.O.C) is also the largest Jeep only clubs in Florida; and on MeetUp.com We have received multiple accolades and won many prizes as a well-organized club.

Jeep Only Club is rated by MeetUp.com in the top 10 "Most Active" groups in South Florida. "The J.O.C" stands out since our group offers such an eclectic assortment of well organized outdoor events and well planned family-friendly adventures with SAFETY and "Jeep-education" in mind.

We LEAD the way! Jeep Only Club was the first Jeep club in the nation to originate and create the term "Jeep Night" (Jeep Night) an event which by now is a well-known tradition that other Jeep clubs have followed! As a matter of fact, many of our J.O.C members also belong to other Jeep clubs in Florida and in other U.S. states! We've also united the Jeep community in South Florida and have motorized all car clubs to participate in our "Toy Drive & Food Convoy" for needy children. Why? -Because at Jeep Only Club we "4x 4 great causes"

Watch and learn Basic Jeep Off-road Tips!

This Jeep ONLY Club is open to ALL Jeep breeds. Whether your Jeep is factory stock or heavily modified you are welcomed to join us!

Got mud and rocks? -Heck yeah! -Long before off-roading took so many drivers off the beaten path, Jeep had the leading role in the world's off-road stage! -Come and join the "Mad Jeeptologists" of this group and get your "mudding" on!

NEW: Download our FREE Jeep Club Meetup "APP" for your iPhone or Android smartphones. Yes, it's FREE and it’s really cool to use. Click here and get it now. Once you become our member, this nifty "APPLICATION" will allow you to RSVP on the go and make it easier to keep you informed about any upcoming Jeep Only Club events without the need of a computer or access to email.

Jeep aficionados; it’s all here at the J.O.C- "Jeep Only Club" We meet year round to have some "Jeepin' fun! -We get together for all kinds of meet-ups such as; Jeep Nights; Jeep Jamborees; Jeep Safari; Caravans; Excursions; Concrete Cruises; Trail rides; Off-road events; Trade shows; Jeep shows and of course our annual road trips like; "Jeep Beach" in Daytona Beach, FL - or "Jeeptoberfest" a Jeep ONLY clubs festival held near Ocala's National Forest. Plus, annual events held in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. We also mix-in and participate in many outdoor activities such as BBQ's; camping; kayaking; hiking; horseback riding; bike rides; snorkeling; fishing; free movie previews etc.

We are active in several non-profits organizations, other off-road clubs and outdoors groups and will occasionally joint events. To see details of our upcoming events just scroll down this page. Sign up and RSVP.

To see our Jeep Club attire click here!

When you RSVP for our "Jeep clinic" you'll learn “Jeeptology 101" and "Know your Jeepstory"- "Advanced Off-road Techniques" and "Wilderness First Aid"- All these courses are presented by qualified instructors. RSVP now. (https://www.meetup.com/JeepsOnlyClub/events/92188702/)

The J.O.C. provides a healthy environment for Jeep owners, seekers and enthusiasts to participate in many social events, outdoor recreation and charitable fundraisers. Jeep Only Club takes pride in being a family friendly and safety oriented group. Our goal is to educate the novice and learn from the experts.

J.O.C fosters long lasting friendships and promotes group camaraderie,trail safety, off-road education and hands-on field rescue and recovery training.

Since all our events involve driving, our members are encouraged to stay sober at ALL times. No drugs. No drinking and driving! NO alcoholics No foul language - If anyone poses a threat or danger or disrespects other's in the group, the individual will not be permitted back into the Club and membership will be revoked immediately!

We make sure that you enjoy a POSITIVE family atmosphere! There are so many things to do "only in our Jeeps"

JOIN us now... it's easy! Our club members continually have rated this Jeep Only Club 5 STARS out of 5!!! Our club members take pride in membership and share in the cost running this Jeep Only group. This tends to make members truly value this group. It also helps weed out individuals who aren't really interested in participating and attracts quality members and nice families. Read more about, why we require a contribution.

The Jeep Only Club attire displayed below are EXTRA perks for our members.

FREE "Jeeps Only Club©" badge or decal. (a $15 value)

*Receive these items for FREE after making the required Contribution in order to become our member.

Ready to contribute now? Click here. (https://www.meetup.com/JeepsOnlyClub/dues/)

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