7.5 Mile, 11 Mile, 13 Mile & 16 Mile Run Options!

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Run Newport

22 Long Wharf Mall · Newport, RI

How to find us

Meet in the parking lot side of Run Newport!! NOTE THE 6:15 AM START TIME!!! (YES, ITS EARLY...BUT ITS GOING TO BE WARM!!!)

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This will be a 3-loop run starting/finishing at Run Newport!

(1) 7.5 Mile Ocean Drive Loop: http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=591878

DESCRIPTION OF ROUTE: We'll meet in the Run Newport Parking Lot (south side entrance) and run down Thames Street all the way to Wellington Ave. Then we'll snake our way around Wellington Ave to Halidon Ave and then continuing straight onto Brenton Rd. We will continue on Brenton Rd all the way onto Ocean Drive. We'll continue along Ocean Drive all the way to Coggeshall Ave (possible bathroom stop at Gooseberry Beach). We'll make a left onto Coggeshall Ave and follow it straight as it merges into Spring Street and continue all the way to Touro Street. Then its a left onto Touro Street and down the hill back to Run Newport to complete the 7.5 Miles!
**NOTE - schedule has 1/2 marathoners building up mileage to stop at 8 miles...to get that extra 1/2 mile, start the next loop w/ us and turn around after 1/4 mile!**

(2) 3.5 & 5.5 Mile Broadway/Cliff Walk/Bellevue Loop (11 or 13 Miles Total): http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=592415
DESCRIPTION OF ROUTE: We'll leave Run Newport and run up Washington Square and onto Broadway. We'll then run down Broadway and make a right up Ayrault Street and then a left onto Kay Street. We'll run down Kay Street and then make a right onto Eustis Street, and then a quick left onto Ellery Road and into Braga Park. We'll then hop on the reservoir trail and run on that until we hop off on Old Beach Road and make our way over to the beginning of the Cliff Walk. (NOTE: If you want to shorten this loop, continue up and over Memorial Blvd and back to Run Newport...this will get you around 11 Miles total). Then we'll run along the Cliff Walk (bathroom/water break at Narragansett St.) until we get to Shepard Ave (right before the Breakers). We'll then make a right onto Shepard and run along that until we get to Bellevue. Then we'll make a right along Bellevue and run along Bellevue (bathroom/water break at Empire Tea and Coffee) until it turns into Touro Street at the Hotel Viking. Then we'll run down the hill and back to Run Newport.

(3) 3-Mile Goat Island/Point Loop (16 Miles total): http://www.usatf.org/routes/view.asp?rID=578155
DESCRIPTION OF ROUTE:After we return to Run Newport, we'll continue across America's Cup and down Long Wharf and Washington Street and then make a left and head over to Goat Island. We'll then make a loop around the northern end of Goat Island (around the Hotel...say hi to the Goats!) and back over the bridge. (option here to head back to Run Newport to get around 14.5 miles). We'll then make a left onto Washington Street and run down towards the Newport Bridge (w/ a quick out and back on the pier near the bridge). We'll loop around the end of Washington Street and head back down 2nd street back towards America's Cup and the Visitor Center. Then we'll cross the street here and back to Run Newport!

1 - PLEASE KEEP THE RUNS SLOW!! We are in warm weather season and the runs are getting longer! You should slow down your normal training run pace by 30 sec for each 5 degrees above 60 degrees F to prevent overheating. If you need to add walk breaks, please do so. YOU WILL NOT LOSE FITNESS BY RUNNING SLOWER IN THE HEAT!! Your heart rate will naturally increase on these hotter runs - PLEASE don't overdo it!!!

2 - Be self sufficient! Carry your phone, some cash, and, most importantly, water and food! We will obviously stop along the way for bathroom/water breaks but you need to have enough water to carry you in-between these points. These long runs are the time for you to experiment and see what works for you! Don't wait until a race to try something new!

3 - LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER!!! We run as a group and take care of each other! If you see someone falling back, alert a pace group leader (if they are not already there) and make sure they are ok! We should always run as slow as the slowest person in the group on these long runs - you will NOT lose fitness...its all about time on your feet and getting your body used to the distance!!!

4 - If needed/desired, change the walk/run ration mid-run. We have enough pace group leaders in each group to break the groups into sub-groups mid-run if needed. If you feel yourself getting tired and having a hard time keeping up, change to a shorter walk/run ratio and alert a pace group leader to form your own walk/run group. The key is not how fast you finish the long run but rather making sure you finish the long run STRONG and with ENERGY TO SPARE!!!