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Join us in celebrating Humanism!

The Jefferson Humanists is a chapter of the American Humanist Association.

Our Vision : Free thinkers building a better community

Our mission: to expand an ethical and life affirming humanist community devoted to science, reason, inclusion and social responsibility. Through community building, lectures, social activism, and discussion we expand our member’s awareness gain an understanding of the issues facing the world and provide learning opportunities through guest speakers on a variety of topics.

In addition to a wide variety of activities (including book discussions, hiking, happy hours and more), join us for our regular monthly meetings, which are held on fourth Sunday evenings at 4pm.

A typical meeting consists of a Keynote Speaker or Special Program followed by an opportunity for questions and answers.

Before the presentation, take some time to browse our free Humanist library (http://www.librarything.com/catalog/mrelisha/jeffersonhumanists), become a member (https://www.jeffersonhumanists.org/membership-page/) of our Chapter, sign up for our newsletter, explore volunteer opportunities to help us build a stronger chapter, meet new friends, ask questions about Humanism and have some appetizer and wine.

For more information about the Jefferson Humanists, see our website, http://www.jeffersonhumanists.org . You can also keep current on what we are doing and humanist issues in your community and the world on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/jeffcohumanists).

Upcoming events (4)

Humanist Perspectives, Hybrid: Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Jefferson Unitarian Church

May is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
It is a celebration of Asians & Pacific Islanders in the U.S. According to the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC), the theme for AAPI Heritage Month 2022 is “Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration.” The month of May was chosen to commemorate the immigration of the first Japanese to the U.S. on May 7, 1843, & to mark the anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869. The majority of the workers who laid the tracks were Chinese immigrants. So, in 1992, May was chosen to celebrate all Asian & Pacific Islander Americans.

Tom and Jerry carefully researched this presentation and discussion. Jerry Gilbert will give the talk accompanied by a historical slide show prepared by Tom Kellogg.

This is a regular JH hybrid event, live in-person at JUC, AND online with Zoom, your choice, every 3rd Saturday at 10:00 am. Come to JUC to see the show live and Zoomers on the big screen, with discussions, coffee, juice, and breakfast pastries. OR get on Zoom at home and mingle with the audience to see the program and join the discussions.

Please RSVP. Those attending in person should be fully vaccinated for Covid. Those attending online must also register with the following link to receive the meeting Zoom link. We promise not to keep your email address.

The Jefferson Humanists Chapter of the American Humanist Association is very pleased to offer a regular explorations series on 3rd Saturdays, 10 to Noon, now going hybrid. Each session will be slightly different and include several segments to showcase aspects of Humanism through a presentation, videos, movies, forums and explorations, followed by discussions. We will include time for participants to socialize virtually and get acquainted, in keeping with our chapter goal of building community.

We need your help to tell us what topics you'd like to see explored at upcoming Humanist Perspectives programs. Let's spend a few minutes discussing this. Which past presentations did you like that we can expand on? Maybe you've seen some good Humanist videos to show. We are also looking for people to get involved with HP and help put presentations together as well as co-host sessions. Email [masked] with your thoughts.

Karaoke Night

Mountain Tap Bar & Grill

This is a new event. Karaoke Night will be held on the third Saturday of every month, starting in April.

Mountain Tap has karaoke starting at 8:00 p.m. and going until midnight. You can come at 8 or later and stay as long or short as you like. They have food and drink there, and that will be your only required cost if you buy something, since there is no cover charge.

Look for the table with the sign saying Jefferson Humanists. Everybody is welcome! Please come and have fun! You don't have to sing unless you want to, and you can team up for a song, which makes it easier if you're less experienced with singing in public.

It's always fun at karaoke, whether you sing or not! So please join us and bring friends!

Mountain Tap Bar and Grill
1901 Youngfield St. Golden CO[masked]
Just south of 20th Avenue on the west side of Youngfield, in the shopping center.

Monthly Meeting-How Public Banks Can Create a Strong, Just & Sustainable Economy

The Jefferson Humanists' monthly chapter meeting will have a presentation by Earl Staelin for his talk, How Public Banks Can Create a Strong, Just and Sustainable Economy.

Earl is an active supporter of public banks in Colorado as an alternative to political entities putting taxpayer dollars into the big Wall Street banks that are major funders of fossil fuel companies and projects. His presentation will show us how state and local public banks can provide the necessary lower cost financing to build a stronger and more sustainable community that better addresses the many problems and needs facing cities and counties. These needs include but are not limited to infrastructure, affordable housing, financing small businesses, clean energy, the climate crisis, education and student loans, transportation, and healthcare.

Public banks would also provide an alternative to the large commercial Wall Street banks, which are financing the climate crisis and human rights abuses.

Such a system in Colorado would be modeled roughly upon the 103-year-old Bank of North Dakota, which has been highly successful in providing a strong stable economy year after year, most remarkably during the Great Recession of 2008 and beyond, when it enabled North Dakota to be the only state to escape recession through its countercyclical lending.

Earl will also share current legislative efforts and how to get involved in The Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute (RMPBI), Colorado Public Banking Coalition and the national Public Banking Institute (PBI).
Earl Staelin is an attorney and chair of the Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute, which is working to establish public banks in Colorado. He is a past president of the Colorado Humanists, and a long-time member of First Universalist Church of Denver. He has made many presentations on public banking to many legislators, city councilors, public finance officials, civic and business organizations, community bankers and credit unions, and religious organizations. He has also drafted legislation to establish a state public bank and to facilitate public banks in cities, counties, and school or university systems. He also participates in the public banking effort at the national level.

Join the Jefferson Humanists on Sunday, May 22nd at 4:00 pm for this great presentation.

This program is hosted by Jefferson Humanists, a chapter of the American Humanist Association.


Since we are unable to meet in person for our normal Monthly Chapter Meetings, we are doing virtual meetings on Zoom. Please RSVP on Meetup or by email to [masked] to join this meeting.

Those who RSVP on Meetup will see the link to join the presentation, but you must RSVP before the meeting start time. Those who email for the link will be sent it a few days before the meeting.

For smart devices, get the free Meetup app and RSVP for the link.

Attendance is limited to the first 50 people who RSVP. We hope that you will join us!


Book Group Meeting - Sat June 11 - Free Thinkers - Jefferson Humanists

Lakewood Library - Jefferson County Public Library

Join FROG, the Free thinkers Reading Opportunity Group, for the Saturday June 11 book group meeting from 2-4:00 PM. We are meeting in person at the Lakewood Library.

At our June 11 meeting we will discuss "What It's Like to Be a Bird: From Flying to Nesting, Eating to Singing— What Birds Are Doing, and Why" by David Allen Sibley.

"What It's Like to Be a Bird" is an absolutely beautiful book by a renowned birder. It is full of luscious illustrations, but is not a bird guide. Instead, it takes the opportunity, while discussing various birds, to describe a huge variety of information about birds: How do owls find prey in the dark? How can birds hear when they are flying and the wind is rushing past their ears? How do birds know when it is time to lay eggs? Why do some birds eat different food from what they feed their fledglings? And much, much more. This is a book you can dip into, and is well indexed so you can easily read portions, either about birds that interest you, or topics (such as the variety of bird feathers) that interest you. The book is not overly long, but there is no need to read it from cover to cover.

Even die-hard audio book fans are encouraged to read the print version of the book so as to not miss out on the illustrations.

At the time of posting this Meetup, Lakewood library is not requiring face masks. That may change. You are welcome to wear a mask or not, based on your own comfort level.

RSVP to this Meetup or email [masked].

This book group is sponsored by the Jefferson Humanists. For more information about humanism see https://www.jeffersonhumanists.org.

You may submit suggestions for the 2023 reading list at any time. (Voting for the following year takes place each October.) Use this link: https://tinyurl.com/3xusaju2

Upcoming Book Discussions:

Saturday July 9 - "Eagle Down: The Last Special Forces Fighting the Forever War" by Jessica Donati

Saturday August 13 - "A Shot in the Moonlight: How a Freed Slave and a Confederate Soldier fought for Justice in the Jim Crow South" by Ben Montgomery

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