• Science Fiction Discussion Group: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale

    Do you like science fiction? We've created a new Jefferson Humanists group to discuss sci-fi short stories, novellas and movies. In October, we will be reading Philip K. Dick's short story, "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale," the story that was used as the basis for two versions of the movie, Total Recall. The story examines the question, what is reality? Are our memories really what happened or are the tainted by the meaning we give them? And if you could have memories changed to remove painful memories and upload good one, would you do it? Since Dick's story has been made into two movies, we encourage people to read the story and then watch both movies so we can compare them. You can find this story online at https://philosophy.as.uky.edu/sites/default/files/We%20Can%20Remember%20It%20for%20You%20Wholesale%20-%20Philip%20K.%20Dick.pdf or can listen to an audio version at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LkWdmDeYxQ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAX08Jv4JMg The Jeffco Library also has several copies of this story in Philip K. Dick collections. (See https://jeffcolibrary.bibliocommons.com/item/show/2402304132) RSVP to this Meetup or email [masked]. Only those who RSVP will receive the Zoom link to for the discussion. Attendance is limited to the first 15 people who RSVP. “Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” ― Kazuo Ishiguro,

  • JH Salon: Should election campaigning be limited to a few weeks?

    This month's question is: Should the election cycle be limited to a few weeks? We will explore the topic of campaign fatigue. Currently in the US it can feel like we are in one big election cycle, as soon as one is over the next one begins. Candidates spend years of their lives campaigning and we as citizens get to listen to it, most of it through paid advertising. We will explore who benefits from all this campaigning and who ultimately loses from all this campaigning. PLEASE BE SURE TO RSVP on Meetup or to [masked]. Only those who RSVP will get the Zoom link to join the meeting. To facilitate online discussion, this meeting is limited to 15 attendees. Please only RSVP if you plan to attend. ------with ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT THE JH SALON Much like the salons of France during the Enlightenment, we will discuss a variety of topics and lubricate the discussion with a few libations. Topics will be worded as questions and can be related to science, sociology, politics, philosophy, history, ethics and more. Attendees are not required to read anything in particular before the discussion, but it certainly helps to do some study before the discussion to be able to make a coherent argument and back it up. A few JH Salon ground rules: - Respect others and their opinions. - Criticize ideas, not individuals. - Don't make personal attacks. - Allow everyone the chance to speak. - Don't take things personally. - Listen actively and with an ear to understanding others' views. The JH Salon will be held on the first Monday of every month. "THE AIM OF ARGUMENT, OR OF DISCUSSION, SHOULD NOT BE VICTORY, BUT PROGRESS." ~ Joseph Joubert

  • Community Trivia Night

    Online event

    Join a regular community trivia night and social event through Zoom with a slight heathen touch, every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 pm. We got help from a trivia guru in Dallas who runs a very popular trivia night with teams that collaborate in breakout rooms. The Boulder Atheists are hosting the event, but you can join from this Meetup with an RSVP. We are inviting other local secular groups, as well as anyone else to compete and socialize, so there are more players than the RSVP count here. There will be 3 rounds of questions from various categories. We'll create teams by group or you can be assigned to a team. You must RSVP before the meeting start time to see the Zoom link. For smart devices, get the free Meetup app and RSVP for the link.

  • FROG Book Meeting

    Online event

    Join the Jefferson Humanist book group, FROG (Free Thinkers Reading Opportunity Group) via Zoom on Saturday November 14 from 2-4 PM when we will be discussing a topic: Humanism as Portrayed in Movies. View the movie of your choice, and come prepared to discuss how the movie exemplified, vilified, misunderstood, or portrayed Humanism. A list of suggestions to get you started is available by messaging the host. If you are on the FROG email list, you will receive it automatically. (If you join our email list, you will receive discussion questions in advance of the monthly meetings, and sometimes follow-up articles that are recommended during the discussion.) INSTRUCTIONS - YOU NEED TO READ THIS PART! The meeting will be held on Zoom on Saturday November 14, 2-4 PM. You must RSVP to this Meetup at least several days in advance to receive the discussion questions and the Zoom meeting login information. You will not get the Zoom information if you don't RSVP! Next up: On Saturday December 12, 2-4 PM we will again have a topic meeting: My Favorite Book of the Year. You are invited to share the best book you read during the past year. (There should be connection to Humanism.) Expect to hear many good suggestions for your own reading list. Happy reading everyone!

  • Discuss a Doc: Paradise or Oblivion - The Venus Project

    This month we'll be watching Paradise or Oblivion, a documentary about the Venus Project. The Venus Project is a non-profit organization that presents a new socio-economic model utilizing science and technology. Taken as a whole, the Venus Project fills the gap between science and the humanities by combining a social philosophy of the future with technical knowledge applied at a global scale to solve the problems of the human condition. They propose methodologies designed to realize the full potential of science and technology to achieve social betterment for all living systems. Their approach to social organization calls for changes in governance, economics, urban planning, education, human relationships, language, and values. Some describe the Venus Project as an attempt to create a utopia. We invite you to watch this documentary and then join us to discuss whether it is a viable solution, whether it is a utopian vision and whether, indeed, a utopia is ever possible where humans are concerned. You can find this documentary at https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/paradise-oblivion/. RSVP to this Meetup or email [masked]. Only those who RSVP will receive the Zoom link to for the discussion. Attendance is limited to the first 15 people who RSVP. We hope you will join us for Discuss a Doc, a monthly discussion where we discuss the humanist issues raised by documentary films. “Man's Utopian dreams get circumvented through compromise and disappointment into a tolerable reality.” ― Stewart Stafford

  • JH Happy Hour and Check-in

    Online event

    Hey friends from all over! We're having a laid back meeting and the floor is open to whatever you want to talk about. Let’s just hang out and BYO Beverage. We'll start by going around and let everyone have a turn to check-in and talk about what is happening in their life. How are you doing? Is your family OK? How are you feeling about leaving the house? Is there anything we can do for you? Then we can discuss whatever you want and bring up ideas such as social justice and helping some cause. What if the cause was our members? You must RSVP before the meeting start time to see the Zoom link. For smart devices, get the free Meetup app and RSVP for the link. For questions or concerns about Zoom, email [masked]

  • Humanist Perspectives

    Online event

    More details coming soon. You must RSVP before the meeting start time to see the Zoom link. For smart devices, get the free Meetup app and RSVP for the link. ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Jefferson Humanists Chapter of the American Humanist Association is very pleased to offer a regular explorations series on 3rd Saturdays, 10 to Noon, currently online. Each session will be slightly different and include several segments to showcase aspects of Humanism through a presentation, videos, movies, forums and explorations, followed by discussions. We will include time for participants to socialize virtually and get acquainted, in keeping with our chapter goal of building community. _____________________________________________________________________________________ We need your help to tell us what topics you'd like to see explored at upcoming Humanist Perspectives programs. Let's spend a few minutes discussing this. Which past presentations did you like that we can expand on? Maybe you've seen some good Humanist videos to show. We are also looking for people to get involved with HP and help put presentations together as well as co-host sessions. Email [masked] with your thoughts.

  • ASC Outing - The Great Inka Road

    Online event

    Art Science & Cultural Outing This month we invite you to take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian's exhibit, The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire. Learn about how, in less than 100 years, the Tawantinsuyu empire grew from a small kingdom in the highlands of Peru to the largest empire in the Americas due to the expansive road that made the empire possible. Learn how infrastructure projects, like the great Inka road, can provide a connection between disparate communities and connect them into a larger society comprising hundreds of thousands of citizens. View the exhibit at https://americanindian.si.edu/inkaroad/ and then join us at 7pm on the evening of November 23rd to discuss it. If you've ever visited Machu Pichu or any of the South American countries where the Inka road ran, we welcome you to join us and discuss what you saw and learned. PLEASE RSVP to this Meetup or by email ([masked]). Those who RSVP on Meetup will see the link to join the presentation. Those who email for the link will be sent it a few days before the meeting. Questions? Contact Matthew Elisha ([masked]). ----------------------------------------- The AHA states that humanism is "informed by science, inspired by art" and that "values...have their source in human experience and culture." With that in mind, the Jefferson Humanists hosts a monthly program, dedicated to expanding our outlook on life. Each month, we will enjoy a local cultural, arts or science event with fellow humanists. We might go to a movie or play, attend a science lecture or museum exhibit, take in a festival, examine art galleries or listen to an author talk about their new book. To encourage participation, we seek events that are free or low-cost (under $15 per person). Keep your eye on Meetup to see what is coming up. ---------------------------------------- “Up the hill, sheep bleat, oblivious to human empires rising and falling.” ― David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks