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This is a group for writers of all genres in Jefferson City, MO! We will encourage each other, provide critiques, celebrate our successes and learn from each other. Whether you are going down the self-publishing path or the traditional, whether you write science fiction or literary work, you are welcome here!!! Do you write short stories and have considered writing a longer work? Come meet with us!! Do you have a book you've been working on for years, but just can't seem to finish? Come meet with us!! Being around other writers is so essential when it comes to the motivation and knowledge needed to publish! We will focus on novels, however the occasional shorter work is welcome, too! The only restriction: Please no sexually explicit or vulgar work in critiques.

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JCNG Assemble!

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Calling all writers, active and aspiring! Looking for community, support, and time to write? Meet with us at JCNG Assemble!

This event is an opportunity to meet fellow writers, share writing-related triumphs and struggles, and embark on “writing sprints”: time to get those words on the page.

Keep in mind that our goal is to WRITE. We will follow the Pomodoro technique (sessions of focused writing separated by short breaks). The format will be as follows:

• Opening (20 minutes): Meet and greet other attendees.
• Writing Sprint #1 (25 minutes): Write!
• Break (5 minutes)
• Writing Sprint #2 (25 minutes): Write!
• Break (5 minutes)
• Writing Sprint #3 (30 minutes): Write!
• Closing (10 minutes): Share final thoughts/advice/encouragement.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your laptop, notebook, or other writing device and show up ready to write (or revise if you’re in the editing stage). If you’re between projects, please come anyway! Let us know in the comments below if you'd like us to bring a few books on the craft of writing.

*Note: We recommend bringing electronic devices fully charged if possible.

HOW TO FIND US: Look for the JCNG Assemble! sign on our table.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Needs a location


No more than 5k Words.
Share a Google Docs Link in Comments; Due 7/15
Choose Evaluation Level, if desired
No more than 4 total submissions/meeting
Come whether or not you submit! You can just read the submissions, give general feedback, and learn from the discussion.
You must come at least once to a critique meeting before submitting.

Full Post:

First, I think everyone might be looking for different levels of feedback, so I'm going to institute 3 Levels of varying intensity. The discussion should center around whatever it is the author wants. Please include any and all written remarks as usual.

Level 1: Encouragement Only. In this level, feedback will still be given regularly in written remarks. Authors may ask for clarity via message here on Meetup or via email/text if they want to set that up. However, each person will give spoken feedback on one favorite aspect of the piece instead of going into details on all feedback. This is great for first timers, writers with gentle souls, and young writers.

Level 2: Encouragement + Improvement. This is like level 1, EXCEPT spoken feedback will include one area of improvement from each person and will allow for some discussion on that improvement. This is great for writers who want to focus on the biggest issues but also really need that encouragement.

Level 3: Let 'er rip! This level includes spoken feedback and discussion over all feedback (except nitpicky grammar marks, etc.). This is basically what we've been doing the whole time, and it is sort of the deep end of critiques. I personally prefer Level 3 because it provides the most opportunity for growth, BUT I've been swimming in these waters for a while.

SO, written feedback is everything you've got to give in terms of constructive criticism and even proofreading. The Levels are really more about spoken feedback and discussion.

Submit Google Doc links in the comment section of the MeetUp Event.

Please submit a maximum of 5k words in the form of a Google Doc link. Make sure your link is set to share with anyone who has access to the link. We are limiting submissions to 4 people. 1 link per person. Please provide a short description of your submission in the comments when you share your link. (Ex: This is the first chapter in my book.)

Everyone who attends should bring comments on all submissions. Please read and comment before coming. The goal is to hand each author notes or annotations on their manuscript.

You do not have to submit to attend. You do not have to give feedback to attend. However, if you have never given feedback or do not regularly give feedback, you may not submit.

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