Jenkins Summer Project Demos. Part 2

This is a past event

60 people went

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This summer Jenkins projects participated in Google Summer of Code, Outreachy and Community Bridge. During the Online Meetup sessions on Aug 23 (2:00PM-3:30PM UTC) and Aug 26 (3:00PM-4:30PM UTC) our students will present the results they achieved in their projects. The second part will be broadcasted in Zoom, use this link to join:

There will be 3 presentations:

* Parichay Barpanda - Multi-branch Pipeline support for Gitlab
* Nancy Chauhan - Jenkins Pipelines for OpenRISC projects (LibreCores CI)
* Sladyn Nunes - Jenkins Configuration-as-Code Plugin Developer tools

You can find the presentation abstracts here:

Gitter chat for Q&A: . You can also find more information about the Outreach programs in Jenkins here: