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This Meetup Group is open to public to anyone who wants to realize how Awakening, Enlightenment, Healing and Peace are all possible. It is a great venue to mainstream very seemingly difficult metaphysical concepts into every day vernacular so that most anybody can digest them and apply them in every day occurrences. It is a means to bring profound spirituality back into every day life. Jen Ward, an internationally recognized healer and prolific writer with seven books to date, will facilitate the events for this meetup group. She has a talent for translating advanced metaphysical principles to a common understanding. Some of the things covered in this meetup group will be pet healing, sound healing, Tapping as a group, learning to perceive in energy, recognizing your psychic abilities, communicating w/ the other side, releasing Taps for Humanity, learning to read Akashic records, recognizing your past lives. The whole intention of Jen's purpose is to empower all individuals to be their own healer, and to facilitate their own incredible advancements into spiritual Mastership.

Learn different healing modalities such as Medical Intuitive, Cranial Sacral Massage, Zero Balancing, Myofascial Release, Body Talk, Remote Viewing, Sound Healing, Emotional Release and Tapping.

Join Jen and Jenuine Healing on May 11, 12 and 13th for special Book Signing and Retreat Weekend.

Here's a testimonial from one of Jen's group calls:

"Wow!!!! This resonated with me to the point of tears. I spontaneously erupted into sobbing at the line of "I release fighting for my life; in all moments". I was in adrenal fatigue about a year ago and had no idea why until I read this. I assumed it was due to fatigue from moving large amounts of energy to assist Mother Earth in lifting herself and her inhabitants of old 3D energy in order to make room for and anchoring the higher frequency 5D energies. But, when I read this I KNEW you were spot on. My body responded. I did the taps with all of humanity, to include myself, in mind.
I know you have a thankless job. You don't get nearly the recognition you deserve for the divine work you are doing. Please, know it isn't unnoticed. God and the company of heaven see you. They are assisting you every day. Know in your heart and soul how special you are. Never forget it as it would be an affront to All that Is!!! The connection you have is one that most do not have access to. You are special in that way. I thank you. Humanity thanks you. I give thanks for all those who cannot or will not. Always remember it is not because you don't deserve it, rather it is because the ego disallows it. Most live from their ego. Only those living from their heart can bring themselves to tell you how special you and your work is!! That number is increasing everyday due to the hard work of people such as yourself!
I received a great gift from you today. Something inside me shifted. I can feel it. It feels like what I would assume a caged bird feels when some kind soul comes along and opens its door. So again, much gratitude and love to you. Have a blessed day.
You are more powerful than the most well known, famous, spiritual person. Hold onto that. Recognition on earth is no true measure of ones' effectiveness while here. You work in the unseen realm of the energy field. Most people don't understand that yet. That's what your changing with the work that you do, among many other inexplicable things.

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