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Make Teddy Bears for First Responders & Child Protective Agencies
Bring a friend, bring your lunch, and bring your smile. Put a circle around the 2nd Thursday of each month to come and join the Teddy Bear Project. Things to bring: Not required - sewing scissors, thimble, if you have fabric scraps and left over stuffing that you are willing to donate, again not required just appreciated. Making Teddy Bears is our primary project. With that said we are all about giving compassionate service in many areas. There are those who crochet or knit hats and scarves, there are those who like to sew food aprons for senior resident homes, there are those who make quilt tops, there are those who only want to cut out the bears, or paint the faces, or just want to stuff the bears. There are those who only want to stitch them closed. There is something for everyone. This is just not a woman project, it is a family friendly project. We have a great great grandma, and a gentleman who lost his wife and wants to do something useful. The Teddy Bear Project has been an Eagle Scout project while also being a project at the Cub Scout pack meetings. Teens have gotten involved and loved doing it. The bears come alive with personalities and it is so enjoyable to see the reactions of those taking part. From oldsters, to youngsters and in between. At the Love Modesto 2015 elementary age children stuffed bears and did a fine job. The dads were great at stuffing as well. This is a family friendly project. There were a 106 people working on bears. The energy in the room was electric and contagious. Serving another is certain to gladden the heart and cheer one up. Even the students at a handicapped day program stuffed bears. They loved the idea of the bears going to little children that needed them. There are those who cannot come during the project time; it just does not fit into their work day; and they want to get involved and give back to our community. So, they work on the bears or other project on their own time at home. If this suits you, please let me know, and we can make arrangements to make it happen. Because we make and stuff so many bears, supplies are always needed. If you have yardage or scraps hanging around your house you no longer want, we would gladly help you out. Donations of fabrics, stuffing, and 3/8” x 24” ribbons would be greatly appreciated. A little history, three of five of my own children were born with cerebral palsy and development delay, Heather, Lisa and Jeremy. Lisa lived 3 ½ years, and Jeremy lived 17 ½ years. When I decided to start this humanitarian project, I felt like I needed a name, a vision, and a business plan and I did just that. I named this project after Lisa and Jeremy, thus JerLisa Stitches of Love was born. It is in honor of these two wonderful children whose impact on their siblings, our extended family, friends, and strangers who came into their circle were forever touched.

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JerLisa Stitches is all about children and Teddy Bears.

JerLisa Stitches of Love was created to provide a rich social support for people who want to give of their time in creating beautiful handcrafted teddy bears, and quilts, for children whose lives which have been turned upside down with crises.

You will feel a sense of satisfaction and personal joy knowing you will provide love, warmth, comfort and a sense of security for the hurting children of Modesto and surrounding communities with a simple Teddy Bear.

Your busy life will be enriched, you will enjoy laughter and friendly conversation, make new friends and create meaningful memories.

Traumatized children are usually frightened and insecure when their normal lives are falling apart. They are in dire need of comfort and to feel safe. First Responders, when they have the resources, can provide these children with a Teddy Bear and/or a small quilt that the child can keep for their very own.

At JerLisa Stitches of Love we invite you to work with us as a team to cut, sew, trim, fill the Teddy Bears with stuffing, stitch up the “fill hole”, or tie on a pretty ribbon. Then bag them for our local police officers, firefighters, and Child Protective Services Workers, and local hospitals, to give to comfort children in situations that can be frightening and confusing to them.

No sewing skills or talent needed, only a giving heart and helpful hands.

Donations of fabric, ribbon and stuffing, will gratefully be accepted.

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