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What we're about

Are you any of the following?

-Super busy at work
-New to the area
-Capable of making friends but find it hard outside of school
-Have a super social job but have always been quiet outside of work
-Lazy about finding friends but understand the value of a social network
-Disinclined to have to drag yourself into NYC on the weekends
-Have one of those highly bourgeois jobs where if you revealed your super nerdy side and inner monologue, your peers would shun you

Here’s the thing-if you met me professionally you would never ever guess that I’m a) quiet and b) on the introverted side and shy/lazy about developing social networks outside work c) I’m super into science fiction and loads of other dork hobbies I would never admit because it would get me judged by peers (cough, em-bee-eh boring).

But I am, so here I am. I know there are other secret nerd souls like me out there, and 6 years after moving to this area, I’m determined to find them.

You might be-

-An INTP/J workaholic looking to grow your social fun network

-Enjoy a general fun/hangout meetup based in Jersey City & Hoboken

Depending on interest level, we might grow towards excursions, but for now, I’m willing to host game nights, movie nights and potlucks, or organize drinks&dinner in DTJC and Hoboken.

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