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TLDR; Love data? Come to The Hub and meet others with the same passion! Hello!, We're starting a regular meetup in Jersey for anyone interested in all things related to data science. Perhaps you run a business and have tons of sales data and wish to spot trends in customer purchases? Or perhaps you run a website and you want to understand how visitors browse your content. Or you are a journalist who wants to publicise issues buried deep in mountains of government data. Or work in a myriad of other areas where knowledge, business intelligence, decision support or forecasting rest on the ability to visualise, model and reason about large data sets. If you do, and like us you have a passion for using the latest technology to solve these problems then come and meet us! We plan to meet regularly to discuss the latest issues that affect our work, share tips and demo the latest tools. By networking and sharing ideas and know-how we hope to build a community here on Jersey to support and benefit us all. We will be having our inaugural meeting on Monday the 30th of June at the The Hub, Digital Jersey's exciting new co-working space. This is all new and we're just booting up. Based on interest we'll start to decide the future shape of this group at that first meetup. Things that we’d like to talk about at the first event: * Tools and data sources for collecting data * Favourite analysis and visualisation tools * Notable projects - either something of your own or something from the web that makes you go ‘Wow!' We hope to see you there, in the meantime have fun! Paul & Matt

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