What we're about

Would you like to include your body in your spiritual practice?

Come into the sanctuary of your being. Connect with the Divine dwelling within you, in others and everywhere else.

Guided meditative movement and joyous dance to beautiful music will accompany us on this journey.

For people who would like to be more in touch with their bodies and for those feeling at home in their bodies alike. No meditation or dance experience is necessary.


* Relax and have fun

* Be nourished and rejuvenated

* Develop a deeper connection with your body

* Connect with, experience and be the Divine and brilliant essence that you already are; connect with the Divine beyond

"One thing I ask of You

I ask it with all of my heart

That I may dwell in Your House

All the days of my life.

Behold the beauty, the beauty of You

And to be in that Holy Place"

~ King David, Psalm 27:4. Translation received at the Jewish Embodied Spirituality training at Isabella Friedman Jewish Retreat Centre, 2010.


What kind of movement/dancing would we do? We usually start with simple guided activity to help one relax, welcome their body and all of themselves into the space. Guidance is offered and non-judgemental space is created for people to move however they want to move, to their level of comfort. There are no structured steps. There are opportunities to listen to the embodied soul and to allow the movement to unfold from within, honouring oneself and each other. Movement is a way to connect with the Divine.

I've never meditated before and am not comfortable dancing/being in my body, is this class for me? It could be, prior meditation or movement practice are not required to participate. Your desire to be there for yourself is what counts.

What do I wear? Anything you would feel good and comfortable moving and meditating in. We do not wear street shoes inside the studio.

What makes these classes different from the Moving Sanctuary classes? Jewish Embodied Spirituality classes are informed by Jewish spirituality and you will find a few words in Hebrew with English translation that would follow. People of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to attend. Each person attending aims to honour their own own experience and others present.

Questions? Feel free to call or e-mail me at contact below.


Each person is responsible for taking care of their physical and emotional well-being during and after the group activities. Meditation, movement and all other activities are offered as suggestions and each participant is encouraged to trust their instincts and participate to their level of comfort, this may include modifying the exercises as they see fit and choosing to not participate in what is offered.

As with any awareness practice, being present in our bodies and with our minds can make us more aware of our feelings, thoughts, body sensations and memories. This can be a source of growth for many people. In cases of some (and not all) mental health conditions, in some (and not all) circumstances, the increased awareness can be destabilizing and not recommended. If this is relevant to you or if you would like more information, please contact Nadia prior to participating.

If you have any concerns about potential impact of participating in the workshops on your health, please be in touch with Nadia and/or with your health care provider (family doctor/health care practitioner specializing in the area of mental health in case of concerns related to mental health) prior to participating.


Please see the calendar


nadiastolpner@gmail.com, 647-836-1251, www.nadiastolpner.com



Similar classes not specific to Jewish spirituality. See http://www.meetup.com/MovingSanctuary for details.


Fees may be reimbursed by extended health care insurance plans.

For more details please see www.nadiastolpner.com


I am excited at the opportunity to co-create with you a sacred space and a community for us to connect with the Divine Presence.

Regarding my background, I am a registered social worker and completed a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Toronto. I provided clinical social work services and led wellness programs for organizations including the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Integra Children’s Mental Health Centre. A dancer who is passionate about connecting with Divine through movement and meditation, I have been receiving training and practicing meditative movement and meditation for over 10 years. The Jewish Embodied Spirituality component of this group is based largely on "Embodied Jewish Spirituality: Merkavat HaMachol" with Rabbi Diane Elliot, Julie Leavitt, Simona Aronow and Latifa Berry Kropf.

I am looking forward to co-creating a sacred space and a supportive community where we can dance, connect with and celebrate the Divine Presence within us and everywhere else.

With blessings,


To receive updates about classes by e-mail separate from meetup.com, please send your e-mail address to nadiastolpner@gmail.com.

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