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The Jewish Outdoors Club (JOC) is a relaxed and welcoming group of mostly Modern Orthodox Jews in the New York metro region who love to explore and enjoy the outdoors. While our primary events are centered around hiking (from entry-level to advanced hikes), we also have hosted camping, biking, white water rafting, paintball, skiing, ice skating and other activities.

Many of our attendees are single, however we are not a singles group, per se, and couples are welcome to join us, too. As a group, we are kosher and observant of the Jewish Sabbath, however all are welcome regardless religious observance/non-observance or affiliation.

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We look forward to seeing you soon in the great outdoors!

[The JOC is a 501c(7) not-for-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers. Each participant is responsible for their own safety. Please select events that are within your fitness and experience level.]

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JOC Midnight Winter Hike Jan 22nd 2022!!!!

Stokes State Forest

**** To Attend you must sign up via Eventbrite
Join us on our next “Midnight Winter Hike"! YOU HEARD CORRECT. On January 22nd a group of JOC marines will hike through Stokes State Forest in the dead of the night! This a fun 4 mile trek in the forest with some amazing scenic views which of course you will not see (remember, it’s dark outside!) but you will definitely see an array of beautiful stars (weather permitting) and you will get to climb the fire tower at MIDNIGHT!

Marvin Baum: [masked]
Chaim Spear: [masked]
Moshe Wolcowitz: [masked]

More Details:
See https://joc-midnight-hike-dec-2021.eventbrite.com
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We meet on Saturday night January 22nd at 9:30PM in our designated parking area in the Stokes State Forest and hit the trails @ 10PM sharp. Given the late hour we won't be able to hold back the group if you're not on time and given the darkness it would be dangerous for you to go on your own in the dark to try to catch up. That said, MAKE SURE YOU'RE ON TIME! The forest is about a 90 minute drive from the city. Give yourself some extra time in case you get lost or stuck in traffic. Shabbat ends early and you should have more than enough time to meet us in the designated parking area by 9:30PM. We expect to hit the fire tower by midnight, and wrap up the hike shortly thereafter. You should be back in the city by 2AM - 2:30AM give/take depending on traffic.

Cost: Free!

Packing List: (Besides a camera and a Reflective Night Vest all items are MANDATORY)
We take your safety seriously and if we feel you don’t have the proper gear, we may be forced to turn you away. PLEASE make sure you have proper gear including:

1) Powerful flashlights and/or head-mounted lights -- all with fresh batteries. We recommend bringing both types of lights, if possible, although headlamps are definitely preferred, due to the hands-free advantage.
2) Water (it’s important to hydrate even in the cold) -- 2 liters generally recommended.
3) Winter clothes including a very warm jacket, thermal underwear, gloves, hats, socks, ear and neck warmers, scarves, etc. -- it's about 10 or more degrees cooler at Stokes than in Manhattan, plus we'll be outdoors for hours... so you'll need to protect yourself against exposure.
4) Bring extra layers and an extra pair of socks, in case you need them.
5) Warm, sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes or boots.
6) Snacks to share after the hike.
7) Coffee or other hot drink in a thermos to keep you warm during and/or after the hike and keep you awake for the long drive home (in the case of coffee).
8) Drivers may want to use a non-caffeinated hot drink, but bring an "energy drink" like 5-hour energy to keep themselves awake on the return trip.
9) Bring a camera (optional) to capture the moment, as this will surely be a night you won’t forget!
10) Reflective Night Vest (optional, but suggested), so you can be seen easier.
11) (Optional) a walking\hiking stick or a ski pole.
12) (Optional) an extra change of clothing in general, in case you get wet .

Ride Share:
We will send out a spreadsheet with a list of drivers and their contact details a few days before the event. But Feel free to post on the meetup or facebook wall for rides. Passengers should each chip in $20 to $30 ($30 from NYC to cover the extra NYC tolls) to their wonderful drivers to cover the cost of gas, tolls, wear & tear… etc.

In 2016 we got lucky to experience hail & snow in the woods! Come prepared, bring a lot of nosh, and get ready to hit the forest!!

YEAH BABY, How do I sign up!?!

Sign up on Eventbrite:

See ya all in the darkness!

Marvin, Chaim, and Moshe


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