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Jewish Social Group

has been recently reorganized in an effort to keep this group operational and build upon the efforts of the previous group leadership to offer Jewish folks from the community an opportunity to socialize and make new friends. The JSG hopes to fill a much needed void in our community for people who grew up in this area to meet the new people who have come to town and are looking to connect with the Jewish Community but might not know where to start this process. Going forward our group plans are to focus on Jewish cultural regional events.

Shabbat dinners

Mitzvah Volunteer days and networking with other similar groups. Perhaps even a road trip once we get more organized. Please sends us your event information from your synagogues, JCCS and service organizations. It goes without saying this group is run by volunteers who are not paid, so please consider volunteering to help organize an event, sending in a donation to help supplement the cost of our website, help write up some event postings or be creative and help us with ideas of things to do. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Shalom.

Singles Events

Will happen around once a month please join in to keep this part of the group more active. Even if you are not single come and join for networking and company.

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Bring Moshioch!!! (Just kidding!)

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Sake Japanese Steakhouse

Free guide to Jewish events

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Free guide to Jewish events

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