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The Velveteria!!! Exclusive party. Potluck Mix and Mingle and Black Velvet
The Velveteria is a Museum of Paintings on Black Velvet. It's on all the hot culture lists and well as social funk lists. It's quirky personified. And we get to go!!!! On a Friday Eve with drinks and eats. . . . . Normally open only in the day. They are opening in the eve just for us. Also normally a "dry" location it will be booze soaked just for us. . . This is a Potluck. You will need to bring a dish or a bottle of wine, or both. This is required and not optional. TO BE CLEAR: You will need to pay for admission to the museum AND bring a dish or drinks. Here are the details. Admission to the museum is normally $10 and well worth it. For this event the cost will the $10 if you commit early. All money collected (less processing amount) from this will go to the museum. . Secure your spot now!!! Space is limited. If space sells out this link will be removed. HOWEVER On Sunday the 16th cost will go up to $15 Per person. This is to encourage you to take care of it early. On Sept 20th cost will rise to $20 per. And Entrance on the day of will be $20 cash. This is of course only if does not fill before then. Whatever you end up paying you (if you are early or late) you will still need to bring a dish or drinks or both. The Museum will provide plates, utensils, napkins, glasses, tables, coolers, ice, corkscrews, etc. So you only need to bring a dish or some bottles of wine (or both). Did you click the link above and hold your spot? Questions? Are there refunds if I have to cancel? No. It will be a donation to the museum. This event is meant to support the museum and provide a unique meetup. The museum thanks you for your support. What if I show up without a dish or drinks but I paid? You will not get in. This event is a Potluck social. If you don't bring a potluck then you are not being social and you will not be able to attend the social. What is the parking? Street and there are paid lots across the street. But you can take the Red, Gold, or Expo to Union and walk the last bit. It's spitting distance from Union Station and Olvera Street Why 8PM? It gives people time the get there. Why Fri and not Sat? Why not? How where know where the meetup is? There will be a host at the door to introduce, and the museum curator/owner will be there with color and information about the artwork. Now go look at these. Add comments and questions down below.


711 New High St · Los Angeles

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