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Jforum #67 - An evening with OSGi, a module system for Java

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Mattias K. and 3 others


After work with OSGi together with some of the key people in the OSGi community. The OSGi Alliance is having technical meetings in Stockholm so we take the opportunity to host this Jforum while they are in town.


17:15 Registration, food and drinks.

18:00 Welcome (Mattias, Joakim & Victor)

18:15 OSGi and the Swedish Connection

A brief introduction to OSGi and its connection to Sweden, starting with Ericsson's eBox-project almost 20 years ago and continuing to present day with Makewave and Knopflerfish OSGi - Made in Sweden.

Christer Larsson, VP EMEA OSGI, CEO Makewave

18:30 Short introduction to the OSGi Technology

A presentation giving an an overview and short introduction to the OSGi Tecnology - the Dynamic Module System for Java.

BJ Hargrave, IBM
BJ Hargrave is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the IBM Cloud organization. He led the development of OSGi technology since its inception and is currently CTO of the OSGi Alliance and chair of the OSGi Core Platform Expert Group. He is also a committer on the Eclipse Equinox project and the Bndtools project.

19:00 OSGi Push streams, scalable event processing - pushing the limits

This talk will describe the proposed OSGi Push Streams service, using streams and promises to build highly scalable event processing pipelines.

Tim Ward, Paremus
Tim is CTO at Paremus Ltd, a co-author of Enterprise OSGi in Action, and has been actively working with OSGi for nearly a decade. Tim has been a regular participant in the OSGi Core Platform and Enterprise Expert Groups, and is co-chair of the OSGi IoT Expert Group. Tim is also an active Open Source committer, contributes regularly to Bndtools and is a PMC member in the Apache Aries project.

19:30 What's coming in OSGi R7

The OSGi expert groups are working on the next big release of OSGi. Learn in this session about the various new specification efforts going on and how they will make your developer life easier. The new specifications range from configuration handling, object conversion, JAX-RS, distributed eventing, to cloud and IoT.

David Bosschaert & Carsten Ziegeler
David works for Adobe Research and Development. He spends the much of his time on technology relating to OSGi in Apache and other open source projects. He is co-chair of the OSGi Enterprise Expert Group. Before joining Adobe, David worked for Red Hat/JBoss and IONA Technologies in Dublin, Ireland.

Carsten works at Adobe Research Switzerland and spends most of his time on architectural and infrastructure topics. Working for over 25 years in open source projects, Carsten is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and heavily participates in several Apache communities. He is a frequent speaker on technology and open source conferences. Carsten participates in the Expert Groups and is a member of the OSGi Alliance board.
Regeringsgatan 56 · Stockholm
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