Jforum #71 - Tools.inAction(REST) and Spock's New Tricks


We are excited to announce a meetup hosted by Jfokus at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in room C1 on level 2.

18.30 - Doors open, food and drinks will be served

19.00 - Talk#1 Tools-in-action: REST
by Ixchel Ruiz - https://twitter.com/ixchelruiz

In this session I would like to share two tools that have made the difference while developing, documenting or testing RESTful APIs. There will be code examples and a demos.

19:45 - Spock's New Tricks
by Andres Almiray - https://twitter.com/aalmiray

Spock is a testing DSL that leverages Groovy AST and the Groovy Compiler yielding great results. The Spock team has been hard at work since version 1.0 was released a couple years ago, adding interesting features such as soft assertions, timed executions, improvements to mock support coupled with dependency injection containers (Spring, Guice), and more. The extension mechanism has proved to be a boon as there are a handful of third part extensions that promise to make your time worth while. come learn about Spock's new features and see for yourself why Spock is the logical choice for many.

20:30 After the talks we will be able to join the Jfokus mingle at the same venue (https://www.jfokus.se/jfokus19/).

Looking forward to see you!