What we're about

Are you fascinated by the Big Ideas that shaped the development and history of mankind, and continue to do so? Are you interested in exploring these ideas with both like and divergent minded people?

Are you intrigued by the relationships between different themes that chart the history of mankind?

Do you enjoy sharing, debating and learning from the ideas of others? Are you willing to challenge your personal frameworks based on the contribution of others?


Then, please join your fellow Open Minds in communal engagement with yours.

And hey, while the topics may be serious, it is also about fun, laughter, social connection and developing friendships!

At this stage we will have a formal monthly meetup, on a weeknight, with the option of informal meetups in-between. I'm sure that in many cases we will scratch the surface, and it will be good to explore further.

IMPORTANT: Your presence is in itself a contribution, even though you may choose not to voice your thoughts - which is your right.

VERY IMPORTANT: We will not tolerate any prejudice based on race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity

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What is New Atheism?

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What is Truth?

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What is Money?

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Mythology: What is it and How has it shaped our thinking?

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