What we're about

This is a group of people of who aren't afraid to ask the difficult questions about Jesus and exploring Christianity openly and honestly - particularly topics central to the faith. People of all backgrounds and faiths are welcome.

You're welcome to join the discussion or just sit in and listen.

The Christian faith is very deep, but many faith assertions are made without good support and consequently don't make a lot of sense. The aim of this group is to explore interesting and relevant topics and try and get to the heart of things. Topics like:
* What is a good general definition of sin and who says I'm a sinner?
* Why did Jesus have to die - couldn't God just forgive sin without all the gruesomeness?
* Even if I need forgiveness of sin, how can the fact that Jesus died cause my sin to be removed?
* If God loves us, why does he allow so much pain and brokeness in the world?
* How is eternal hell a fair punishment for a transient life of sin?

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