.Net Standard, Modernizing Projects and Xamarin Essentials

This is a past event

25 people went



1. Introduction to @JHBMSDUG
A quick overview of what the local community is up to and events you can look forward to over the coming months.
Speaker: Dustyn Lightfoot

2. Xamarin.Essentials
An introduction to Xamarin.Essentials
Replacing plugins
Looking at how the code was developed
How Xamarin.Essentials is built
Speaker: Matthew Leibowitz

3. .NET Standard
The .NET Standard is a formal specification of .NET APIs that are intended to be available on all .NET implementations. The motivation behind the .NET Standard is establishing greater uniformity in the .NET ecosystem. ECMA 335 continues to establish uniformity for .NET implementation behavior, but there's no similar spec for the .NET Base Class Libraries (BCL) for .NET library implementations.

The .NET Standard enables the following key scenarios:

Defines uniform set of BCL APIs for all .NET implementations to implement, independent of workload.
Enables developers to produce portable libraries that are usable across .NET implementations, using this same set of APIs.
Reduces or even eliminates conditional compilation of shared source due to .NET APIs, only for OS APIs.

Let's learn about what this all means together!

Speaker: Allan Pead

4. Modernizing Projects
Do you want to have all the benefits of .NET Standard, but can’t get there just yet?
Are you working on a project that has huge project files? Do you have to share code using Shared Projects or File Linking? Are you packaging NuGets using complex scripts to update the .nuspec? Have you heard about this new .NET Standard project file with only a couple of lines of XML? Do you want that? Are you working on a project that can’t spend days trying to upgrade everything to the new-fangled .NET Standard or .NET Core?
Well, if your answer is YES to any of these questions, then come along and I will show you some ways in which you can embrace the modern world, WITHOUT changing any code files. The only changes will be new .csproj and removing all the junk from your build scripts.

Speaker: Matthew Leibowitz