Practical Aspect-oriented programming & Azure Functions + The Actor Model = 😍

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1. Practical aspect-oriented programming (Daniel Joubert)
Aspect oriented programming is an approach to move cross cutting aspects out of functional code and into their own separate space.

Cross cutting aspects include logging and tracing, performance monitoring, caching, simulations, retry and security.

I will also discuss writing and changing code with the intent of allowing aspects to be injected where and when necessary.

Most of my time will be spent on 3 demos which include actual working source code.

2. Azure Functions + The Actor Model = 😍 (Dustyn Lightfoot)

Azure functions have been around for a while and give us the ability to build serverless applications that can scale seamlessly, whilst only making you pay for what you use.

The Actor Model, which is a great way to model distributed and concurrent systems, has been around for much longer. It has been implemented in various forms over the years, including in libraries like Akka(toolkit) and, and has now come to Azure Functions in the form of “Entity Functions”.

In this session we’ll do a deep dive into this recent exciting addition to the Azure Serverless offering.