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MUSIC AS ONE. With a diversity of races and ethnics in Johor Bahru, this meetup group serves as a hangout group, jamming group, performing group, networking session, having fun together, learning at the same time, busking, EDM, freestyles, simply enjoy music & performing, anything at all. So if you are a Malay, Chinese, Indians, whatever races, wherever you are (as long as keen in JB), and you love music & entertainment, join us, join me. Let's have fun together!

We love to have: Musicians, KPOP Dancers, Buskers, Freestylers, DJs, Magicians, Breakdancers, Beatboxers, Parkours, Bar Breakers, Singers, Songwriters, any talent at all, please join us!

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Performance Night

Kilang Bateri

Let's Meet Everyone!

RoofTalk Hostel

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