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• Make 1,000% Better Yourself

Johor Bahru Meditation helps you to find the True Self and the True World by self-reflection and discarding the false mind that blocks the true self and true world. I, who live in the true world, know the principles of the world; why I am placed on this planet, what the purpose and goal of my life is, and what happens to me after death. So I eventually find the value in my life and can truly enjoy my life. From the moment I meet the true me and world, my life changes completely! Stress vanishes, happiness begins!!!


People live in many thoughts. Even though I want to sop my brain working, it is almost impossible to mute my thoughts. No matter what I do, my mind is restless. So I cannot really relax. Imagine that it is a morning after a restful sleep with fresh air, pleasant breeze, morning glow, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. How would you feel? This morning would be perfectly relaxing. But what if your brain cannot rest from your worries and anxieties in such a peaceful morning? It sounds terrible. How wonderful it would be if you could enjoy peaceful morning every day! You can take real rest when you become the true self and live in the true world. This Meditation really helps you relax even in the middle of a busy street and hectic office environment, all the time.


There is a broad mind that is as large as the universe that already exists inside me, originally. However, I cannot see the universe mind because it is hidden by human mind that is as narrow as myself. Seen from the universe, I am the existence even smaller than tiny dust in the universe. I cannot embrace others and the world with warm affection because of my narrow mind. I can accept everything in the world if my narrow mind expends to the infinite universe mind. Then, I can have good relationships with others and live by nature’s flow. Why don’t you expand your mind with Johor Bahru Meditation?

• ACHIEVE HUMAN COMPLETION: from human mind to universe mind

Now everyone can achieve the completion and live complete life in happiness. I can live free and peaceful life forever when I achieve the human completion. The reason I fell worried and anxious about life and death is that I am incomplete. The complete life is living the everlasting life beyond life and death. You can transform incomplete life to complete life and live happily and peacefully forever with Johor Bahru Meditation.


Johor Bahru Center is located in 37-01, Jalan Molek 1/29, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Tel. 07-359 8225 / 014 – 919 – 8225

E-mail : johorbahrumeditation@gmail.com

Website : http://www.johorbahrumeditation.org

FaceBook : https://web.facebook.com/jbmeditation

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/johorbahru.meditation

Upcoming events (4+)

Healing Friday • Free Online Meditation • Every Friday 10pm •

Guided Meditation for Healing Your Mind.

Melt away the day’s tension and heal your mind with a special guided meditation series.

Come let your mind and body relax to the wonderfully soothing voices of our meditation guides. They lead a progressive relaxation meditation to release the day’s thoughts and to let the causes of stress, anxiety, and restless sleep go from your mind.

While meditating, your body and mind will naturally quiet down, allowing for a comfortable, rejuvenating mind state.

1. Sleep Faster
Release tension in the body to allow for deep restoration
2. Sleep Deeper
Let go of repetitive thoughts and set the mind at ease
3. Wake Up Refreshed
Start your day with a fresh, new mind that's ready to tackle the day

See you there! :)

Let's Live Happy & Healthy Altogether | JB Meditation Centre in Jalan Molek, JB)

Human is incomplete because humans are living inside human mind world which is lived life, thoughts and habits.
When you discard your lived life and thoughts and habits,
you go back to the origin.
When you are reborn from the origin,
You never die.
You will know the meaning of the world and
you can achieve human completion.

Benefits of our Meditation
1) Your face brightens up.
2) Your face becomes the most beautiful for your style.
3) Illness disappears.
4) All of the mind clutter disappears.
5) You are able to succeed. You can become 10 times more efficient.
6) Exhaustion disappears.
7) You are always in comfort and happy.
8) You have confidence in whatever it is you do.
9) You will be free from illness and have longevity. You achieve human completion and live forever

Feel free to call us for more info. Thank you and look forward to introducing our meditation.

Contact :[masked] / 014 – 919 – 8225

Website : http://www.johorbahrumeditation.org

Email : [masked]

How To Find : We are located between OCBC Bank and KFC in Jalan Molek, opposite side from MayBank.

马来西亚中文冥想 Malaysia Chinese Meditation

Online event

If you change your mind to true mind, you can find heaven and paradise within you. Through this newest meditation, you can throw away all of your worries and stress. You can find great freedom, great liberation and great peace which exist in your mind.

Benefits of Meditation

1. 发现天国极乐世界在心中
You can find heaven and paradise in your mind
2. 找到真我
You can find your true self
3. 烦恼消失
Worries and stress disappear
4. 提高集中力
Improve your concentration
5. 提高免疫力而保持健康的体魄
Improve your mental and physical health
6. 感受活在当下
You can live in the moment
7. 享受完美的人生
You can enjoy perfect and beautiful life

言语: 中文
Language: Chinese

Website: www.malaysiameditation.org
Email: [masked]
WhatsApp: [masked]

Refreshing Sunday • Free Online Meditation • Every Sunday 8pm •

Reflect, Release, Restart

Learn how to truly let go. Bring meditation into your daily life.
Get started with this active meditation practice to release all your worries, habitual patterns of thinking, and negative mental blockages. Make space in your mind for a fresh perspective and fuller life experiences.

We warmly invite you to this online meditation series to find your true self and restore peace within.

1. Release the Past
Learn how to truly let go of suffering in the mind.
2. Transform the Present
Find peace and clarity within you that illuminates your day.
3. Create Your Best Life
Uncover your true self, and live a life of freedom, wisdom, and true joy.

See you there :)

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