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This group is now a Multi Purpose Meet Up Group Page for Creatives, Artists, Instructors, Expressive's, Speakers/Writers/Presenters Group and the Creative Entrepreneurial Group

1) Anyone who is involved in a creative & expressive process
Fine Arts, Writers, Poets, Musicians, Creative Event Organizers, Instructors, Presenters, Event Organizers

a) Join The Arts - Be: Creative to the Core: Peeling Back the Layers
Ignite Creative Processing, Explore, Develop & Traverse into or open the channels of far reaching illumination, tapping deeply into places of imagination, innovation, creative processing, etc., you also open up and expand your channels of thought, reasoning, awareness.

We are about enhancing personal insights, while offering practical tips, inspiring quotes and challenging exercises to ignite the imagination of anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and how to use that knowledge to forge a meaningful future in the bigger world & elevate SUCCESSFUL personal & professional ambitions.

#CreativeToTheCore #AllThingsCREATIVE

CREATIVE EXPRESSION: Peeling Back the Layers (Creative to the Core) is the focus for our ongoing workshops where we Explore and Develop Creative & Mindful Processes for Personal, Professional & Soulful ambitions. This is for everyone, not just creative hopefuls & established people. Consider it hub for sharing insights, wisdom, revelations, growth processes & success and anything else you evaluate as important for insightful growth.

Enjoy a variety of stories, presentations shared & events hosted by people who approach projects, occupations, business, talent and life in a variety of spirited, unique & creative ways.

We are an eclectic group. please feel free to visit some of our past event pages such as the following
https://www.facebook.com/events/235094649914686 , and many more before the to get a better idea of some of the things we've shared and covered here. Feel free to post anything that you fancy from the world of imagination, innovation, and creativity, expression, all applied or performing art, or literary arts, & contemplatively profound thoughts.
Creative Chi to You


b) New info coming soon!!!!
To continue the Success NOW Network Creative Writer/Speaker/Presenter Portion - Dedicated to supporting fiction and nonfiction writers & presenters in their journey from developing and writing their manuscripts through publishing, presenting and marketing their books, ideas or product knowledge. We offer a fun and supportive place for members to Socialize, & Creatively Work through LIVE Experiential Workshops, learn and grow as writers/presenters, And the opportunity to share your work with your peers for constructive feedback. Come join us the 3rd Wednesday of Each Month 6-7:30pm and see what's happening in the Roseville/Sacramento Creative Writing Community.

2) Success NOW Network Entrepreneurial Group is designed to Amplify Your INFLUENCE by exercising & sharing remarkable philosophies and mindsets Available NOW....as in TODAY!To help create personal blueprints towards opening the ‘Mind to Soul’ pathways to assist you in succeeding at and achieving any personal or professional ambition! We offer an excellent variety of presentations alternating between personal & professional development.

As always we offer a True Celebration of Success with Artists, Professional Entrepreneurs who are passionate and dedicated to striving with & sharing the many successes it takes to
THRIVE in a Fulfilling, Successful & Well Balanced CREATIVE Life!

1) Collaboratories (creative collaborative laboratories),
Classes, Events, Openings, Lectures, Gallery Shows, Collectives

2) Coming Soon: Online & Meetup Memberships & Resources for SUCCESS

3) Open invite to join in this group & Promote your own CREATIVE Events & Groups

Unlock your greatest internal and external influence by;
o Expressing yourself in the greatest most creative way possible
o Guiding, teaching, instructing, lecturing
o Celebrating the Creative Vibe in our Community
o Magnify your genius to influence your greatest ambitions & beyond
o Tap in deep & create a crystal clear overall vision
o Expand and strengthen powerful beliefs, and
o Cultivate your productivity level so you can get it all accomplished

We Offer:

Creative Celebration • Camaraderie • Support • Resources • Education • Connections • Feedback • Networking • Creativity & Fun

You are invited to announce your ideas, groups, events, classes, Formal presentations on a range of topics from art, creativity, writing, publishing, marketing, Networking, highly supportive atmosphere, success oriented modules and presentations.
Contact Program organizer Deidre Trudeau via meetup messaging or visit
our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/CreativeToTheCore/

Also visit our FB Page (https://www.facebook.com/womenssuccessnow?fref=ts)
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