What we're about

The simple reason behind creation of 'Jokers' group is that this world is full of fun loving, inspiring, interesting, talented and, generally, worthwhile people and it would be indeed an amazing experience if all such people get together in an unpretentious atmosphere where qualities are mutually appreciated and where opinions and personalities are treated with the basic respect that one self-respecting human exchanges with another.

When likeminded people are brought together, virtually any activity can turn into fun. And this is exactly what the jokers do.

In our events you will find yourself doing anything from lounging in the comforts of a posh nightclub in friendly and decent company to trekking up the rough terrain of a mountain under the stars-from indulging in your favorite dance to delving your mind in interesting and spontaneous conversations over coffee-from playing your favorite musical instrument (to attentive audience) to watching the latest movies and plays. On one occasion you might find yourself in front of a cozy campfire, on another, you will be feeding the elephants.

So we welcome you in a world of bonhomie!!

Events (indicative but not limited to):

• Dinner and drinks get-together at good night clubs

• Weekend trekking, camping and adventure trips to places close to Delhi/NCR

• Dance and music parties

• Coffee and chat meet ups

• Sightseeing trips to nearby tourist places

• Food walks and shopping outings

• Watching movies and plays

• And much more…

Group policies (we request you to follow group polices)

• Persons with some pre-dominant agenda like- looking for spouse/live-in partner/ one night stands/flings etc. are not welcome.

• This group is not meant for promoting business and professional interests. So, job and business deal seekers are not welcome.

• Members are expected to maintain reasonable regularity in attending events.

• This is a non-profit group and all expenses are shared on pro-rata basis as per actuals.

• Members are not expected to intrude in anyone’s personal space in any manner including- unsolicited and unanswered calls, messages, personal visits, E-mails etc.

• Abusive language, double meaning talk, indecent and vulgar talk/jokes, violent and aggressive behavior etc. will be not be tolerated.

• Strong views regarding politics, religion, caste, race, sex etc. are discouraged.

Past events (27)

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The Darzi Bar & Kitchen

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ROOVEZ Restro lounge

Jokers Fun time weekend


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