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Rule # 10 discussion from 12 Rules for Life - JBP book discussion
Discussion of Rule 10 from "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos NOTE: RSVPs are required for this if you want to attend. Thank you! Our end of the year meeting is a discussion of the ideas found in Rule 10 and an opportunity to share a JP year in review. We will precisely ;-) review the chapter and discuss key ideas. Bring your book and any notes or passages that you want to discuss from the reading, that and money to cover a beverage is all you need. Also a basket will be passed to cover the cost of the meetup service. If you have been thinking of coming and wondering why it might be something to do ... this meet up is an opportunity to meet new folks and connect with other Angelenos who have been reading 12 Rules for Life and watching Peterson. Parking is free and easy at the meeting location in Pasadena. Details will be sent to those who have rsvp'd. “Say what you mean, so that you can find out what you mean. Act out what you say, so you can find out what happens. Then pay attention. Note your errors. Articulate then. Strive to correct them. That is how you discover the meaning of your life… Be precise in your speech.” JBP

Private location - given upon RSVP

Address provided upon RSVP · Pasadena, CA

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This a group for media makers, storytellers and Angelenos who are inspired by the books, teaching and media of Jordan B. Peterson; especially if you are are interested in the world of the arts, what is happening in the world of media, why stories matter and what are the archetypal stories that have been with us throughout history, (how they inform culture and most importantly how they can tilt the world toward heaven (or at least a better place)).

12 Rules for Life - an antidote to chaos, the new book has been our launch pad for discussion in 2018; taking on a chapter at each meet-up and linking the key ideas to the world of media.

It is an exciting time to be creating, there is a lot of disruption between new and old media. Dragons to slay, malevolence to constrain, and stories to tell.

Media and the "world of the arts" as described by JBP:

"We go to movies; we watch stories; we immerse ourselves in fiction, constantly. That’s an artistic production and, for many people, the world of the arts is a living world. That’s particularly true if you’re a creative person.

It’s the creative, artistic people that move the knowledge of humanity forward. They do that with their artistic productions first.

We have this articulated space that we can all discuss. Outside of that we have something that’s more akin to a dream that we’re embedded in.... The dream is where the mystics and artists live. They’re the mediators between the absolutely unknown and the things we know for sure ... Artists observe one another, and they observe people. Then they represent what they see and transmit the message of what they see to us. That teaches us to see. ....”

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