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Who are we?

We love... taking time to REFLECT on our lives, our goals, and CONNECT with each other in an intimate women's space.

We BELIEVE... that our lives are ours.

And while we may give and nurture others on a daily basis, we are COMMITTED to focusing on our goals & dreams too! I hear SOO many women say to me that they'd "like to get back into journaling," or "they haven't journaled since they were a teenager."

And I say, that is TOTALLY fine.

The important thing is not when is the last time you journaled, but that you journal TODAY, THIS WEEK , THIS MONTH even...

So what do we do at Journaling Sisters?

I hold regular Journaling Circles where we will get together in community with other women, journal together, and connect and get reinspired in the awesome energy of other amazing women. This is a time to check in with your goals or even try to remember what they are. Wherever you are at is just right.

I provide guided exercises that help prompt you to reflect within yourself & allow you to discover new things about yourself through other creative outlets outside of journaling. They include:

~ GUIDED MEDITATION allowing you to ground yourself, slow down and look within
~ PAIRED SHARING taking turns sharing one on one with someone compassionately and completely listening to you
~ GROUP SHARE where we get reinvigorated and inspired by other women's stories and energy, realizing our struggles are not personal, and our individual achievements are truly tremendous!


Aloha! My name is Shiuan Butler, and I'm the Creator of Journaling Sisters. I created Journaling Sisters a year ago because journaling is something that has always been there for me, through the ups and downs --- especially the downs! Sure, I have girlfriends, and I even have a strong peer counseling community, but my journal and that QUIET SPACE I sit in with only my journal & colored pen is still uniquely sacred and special to me.

I hope you will join me with your journal -- but most importantly, with your goals & dreams, hopes & fears, and let's support and inspire one another in remembering this special and rare gift-- OUR LIVES!

Where to find JS online:

http://www.shiuanbutler.com OR http://www.journalingsisters.com



To you and your journey~

XO ~


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